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Shooting Industry August 2010 - Page 46

Industry Industry watch Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun Battle Far From Over Russ Thurman E very Supreme Court favorable ruling for gun owners and, in turn, the industry, is welcome news — something to be celebrated. But there is a danger in celebrating too much. That can create a false sense of victory in the ongoing fight against antigun forces. It’s understandable that pro-gun forces feel relief after too many years of antigun movement advancements. But “relief” must not translate into “relaxed.” Today, and likely for decades, it’s vital that there be continued vigilance. There are still a lot of people, many of them in powerful positions, who hate firearm ownership and those who make and sell guns. And, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of individual citizens to own firearms, gun ownership — and the industry — can be destroyed without violating the Second Amendment. “ Doubt that? Consider the actions of elected officials, in Washington, D.C. and throughout the country, to subvert other “rights” and to grab control of our lives. These are the same people who have firearms on their “To Do” list. Gun ownership — and the industry — can be destroyed without violating the Second Amendment. First, never relax in this fight. Even the most “innocent” rezoning, restriction or ordinance update can erode individual and business rights. Get involved in local government. Second, continue your knowledge of the pro-gun fight. Part of that should be to know what the anti-gun movement is doing. A good place to start is the Brady Campaign. Despite reports of their loss of clout, they still wield ” power. Visit For news on anti-gun legislation, visit the “Government Relations” section of NSSF’s website: NSSF provides insight into ongoing legislation that affects the industry, and provides links to your government officials. It’s also important to understand the magnitude of the recent Supreme Court ruling “McDonald v. City of Chicago.” NSSF has posted on its website a two-part TV interview with NSSF President Steve Sanetti, who is also a lawyer. Sanetti examines the case and its impact on gun ownership and the industry. To watch the two-part analysis, visit NSSF’s YouTube channel at SI DIGITAL VIDEO theNSSF. SI Digital readers, click the “video” logo. Yes, the recent victories should be celebrated. But the fight, likely, will never be over. Access Restrictions Hurt Hunting estricted areas that prohibit hunting continue to have a significant impact on this segment of the market. Nearly half of the hunters who were restricted from places they tried to hunt report they hunted less as a result, according to a recent poll. Of those surveyed, 26 percent said access to where they hunt has been restricted in the past year. Of those respondents, 49.5 percent said they spent less time hunting, while nearly 13 percent stopped hunting completely. The majority (31%) of those polled at reported the reason for restricted access to their hunting spot was the landowner gave, leased or sold hunting rights to others. Another 25 percent of survey takers said the Time land was sold to a new owner who closed access. Restricted access occurred mainly on private land, Hunting according to 73 percent of those who participated in the poll, while 22 percent reported restricted access on public land. Southwick Associates conducts the - 49.5% monthly consumer monitoring service. Visit R uz Mills, former Marine and owner of Gunsite, dropped out of the race for governor of Arizona in July. “My goal was to offer a clear alternative to career politicians who were running on higher taxes and more spending,” Mills said. However, with the nationally charged debate over Arizona’s immigration law (SB1070), there was a major shift in the campaign. “SB1070 has regrettably taken the focus off of job creation and fixing the state budget. So even though the chasm between (Gov. Jan) Brewer’s policies and mine is dramatic, SB1070 has politically mitigated those issues. I have therefore decided to suspend the campaign,” Mills said. Mills says that he still believes in “electing strong fiscal conservatives.” “So, after a short respite at the ranch, I’ll be back to advance the cause,” Mills said. Buz Mills Continued on page 45 B Mills Suspends Run For Governor Subscribe to SI Digital: 46 AUGUST 2010 Read SI DIGITAL It’s Free!

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