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Outdoor Outdoor marketplace Glock Connects With New Online Community J.K. Autry T here is an ongoing to debate as to the value of using the Internet and social media to promote brands and businesses. It takes a lot of work to maintain these communication tools, and the question remains: Do they really attract consumers? The answer is “Yes,” if measured against Glock’s recent effort to attract fans to its “new, exclusive online community.” Even before the site — Glock ID — became active, Glock fans responded positively to the new “community,” which is designed to give enthusiasts of the brand a place to interact with each other and the company. The new website offered 10,000 preregistrant spots to Glock’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Glock fans quickly filled those 10,000 spots and the company opened another 10,000, all of which received an exclusive “Early Adopter” patch and a head start on earning points in the community. Points and patches can be exchanged for rewards and prizes, which will encourage engagement and interaction with the brand. “Glock ID pre-registration popularity has shown our fans are eager for more dialogue with each other and with Glock,” said Josh Dorsey, Glock vice president. “Expanding the pool of preregistrants to 20,000 is an exciting step in the path to the launch date. Those who have pre-registered will have exclusive early access to the community — before it’s opened to the general public at a later date.” In addition to a rewards system, Glock ID offers customers a virtual gun safe to keep track of range time and cleaning dates, training lessons and a community question-and-answer section for peer discussion. Glock ID members earn points and patches by participating in the community. If early registration success is any indicator, Glock will set a new benchmark for how businesses in the industry connect with their customers. Glock ID proves customers still crave community beyond what traditional social networking like Facebook and Twitter can offer. Your customers can join Glock ID by visiting us. For more information on Glock, visit SI DIGITAL Hot Link Perhaps it was the look from the Gunny that quickly drew 10,000 pre-registrants to Glock ID, prompting the company to open another 10,000 pre-launch spots for the online community. Henry Repeating Arms Is Fully Operational enry Repeating Arms has made a remarkable comeback after its primary manufacturing facility in Bayonne, N.J., sustained severe damage from Hurricane Sandy. Despite being sidelined for six weeks following the storm, the factory returned to operating at peak levels and shipped a record 27,675 rifles in January. “Consumers and many dealers thought we were out of business after the hurricane, so it’s important for them to know we are now 100-percent operational and have improved our capabilities to increase production,” said Anthony Imperato, company president. “Considering we were virtually non-operational for several weeks H this past fall, it is a testament to our dedicated and talented employees who rallied to this level of productivity. I salute and respect all of them.” Henry Repeating Arms employs 160 people at its Bayonne facility, with another 90 employees at its second factory in Rice Lake, Wis. According to Imperato, dealers will see improved availability as the manufacturing facilities continue to ship firearms at a record pace. Visit Anthony Imperato thanked his “dedicated and talented employees” for returning Henry Repeating Arms to full operation. • • 24 APRIL 2013 WWW. Shooting Industry Connection Continued on page 26 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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