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Shooting Industry April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 6

Letters Letters to the editor I was quoted in the article regarding Internet sales (“Internet Transfers — Worth It?,” February 2012). I would like to clarify a bit more. We are a large-volume dealer. We do accommodate our current customers when they have a used item or an item we cannot get for them. During the time we did accept transfers, we tracked each transfer and any add-on items, as well as issues with each transfer. More than 50 percent of the transfers had problems with the firearms received. Either customers did not receive what they thought they were getting, or there were mechanical issues. In every case, customers expected us to handle the problems. When we tried to explain that we were only handling the transfer, most got mad at us and not the original dealer. Less than 5 percent purchased any add-on items, stating they “could find it cheaper on the Internet.” We have three smaller dealers close to us, and we refer these folks to them. Service To Customers We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, but we won’t be in business if we can’t make a profit. We are beginning our 18th year, and opening a new store and range this summer. Rusty Morris The AR Bunker Newnan, Ga. Rusty, thank you for taking part in the November 2011 survey, and for sharing your thoughts. Many dealers whom I’ve spoken with say, as you have, that they conduct the transfers as a “service to their existing customers” — the highest ranking “reason” in the survey. In addition, many of them restrict such transfers to used firearms and/or those they don’t have in inventory or can’t order, similar to your policy. While, as the survey revealed, more dealers are conducting Internet transfers, the service is not without its pitfalls. The challenge is to maximize the benefits of Internet sales, without hurting or burdening the independent dealer. Rusty, congratulations on meeting the challenges as you enter your 18th year of business. Please send me photos of the grand opening of your new store and range. This comment comes at the end of a letter sent to American Handgunner magazine. One special thing about Les — I don’t like to waste people’s time so when I call someone, it’s because I need to talk to them. When I called Les, he was out on the range, but his office told me exactly when he would be back. He called me then. Try that with some of the other guys out there. If I could only have one 1911, it would be a Baer. Jim Barber Independence, Mo. 9 Les Baer Called Email the Editor 6 APRIL 2012 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL

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