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Shooting Industry April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 49

Buck Knives Haley Heath Series The Haley Heath Series, for women hunters, includes eight knives: five fixed blades and three folding lockblades, including fixed guthook versions and three steel options. All are ergonomically designed for a woman’s grip, and include a grooved handle and finger guard. Security Equipment Corp. SABRE RED Spitfire SABRE RED Spitfire is a compact keychain pepper spray now manufactured and sold exclusively by SABRE RED. May be deployed from the hip or over the shoulder. Available in black, red and purple. GSI International Safety Orange Practice Ammo Safety Orange Practice Ammo by GSI International is ideal for shooters who want to hone their shooting skills and accuracy without using real live ammo. Made in the USA, the precisionmachined metal practice ammo is coated in a high-visibility safety orange, distinguishing it from live ammunition. Each case’s recessed primer pocket has a polymer insert to cushion the firearm’s firing pin during drills where repeated trigger actuation is required. Buck Knives Security Equipment Corp. 1-800-325-9568 security-equipment-corp SI DIGITAL 1-800-326-2825 SI DIGITAL GSI International 1-877-951-1890 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link Hot Link APRIL 2012 49

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