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Shooting Industry April 2012 Digital Edition - Page 44

Howard Leight Impact Pro The Impact Pro electronic earmuff features a Noise Reduction Rating of 30, offering protection over 82 dB, while amplifying conversation. Features include a 4-hour auto shut-off, single knob for on/ off and volume control, and rubberized pressure points to prevent scratching. Earmuff connects to MP3 players, smartphones and scanner radios. Swarovski Optik NA EL Range The Swarovski EL Range, with integrated rangefinder, features SWARO-AIM technology, an integrated gradometer that shows the precise shooting distance and angle, and, Swarovski says, is the only angled-shot program in the world. Designed with electronic readout of yards and meters, brightness levels and angle compensation, the display offers five adjustable brightness levels on an LCD screen. Available in 8x42 and 10x42 models, the EL Range is lightweight. VersaCarry VersaCarry Generation II The VersaCarry Generation II Concealment Clip is an IWB holster that carries a firearm by the inner barrel. The VersaCarry inserts into the barrel, with clips made of Kydex. The bottom flange of the clip is angled to create a clamping action as the barrel is seated onto the barrel retention rod. The clips are designed to allow the gun to ride low in the waistline, keeping the trigger covered and inaccessible until the firearm is drawn. Swarovski Optik North America 1-800-426-3089 SI DIGITAL Howard Leight by Honeywell 1-800-430-5490 SI DIGITAL VersaCarry Hot Link (979) 820-3267 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Hot Link LMt LM8MrP ® 19.25” mIL STd 1913 STANAG 4694 COmPLIANT RAIL SPACE STRAIGhT GAS TUBE RESISTS BENdING ANd RETAINS BETTER ALIGNmENT wITh ThE GAS kEy REdUCEd TEmPERATURE TO RAIL, OPTICS ANd BARREL ROCk SOLId ALUmINUm FORGING FREE-FLOATING BARREL ® Size MatterS AND SOMETIMES ITS SMALLER FIREd CARTRIdGE CASE dEFLECTOR LM8 44 5009_ShootingIndustryLM8Ad_FINALRev.indd 1 APRIL 2012 NO LOSS OF zERO FROm ROUGh hANdLING Lm8 PLATFORm dESIGN mAkES FOR A SmALLER, SLImmER, LIGhTER ANd mORE mANEUVERABLE wEAPON VERSATILITy OF dIFFERENT SIzEd RAIL SEGmENTS ALLOwS yOU TO ATTACh ThE ACCESSORIES yOU NEEd FOR ThE mISSION AT hANd It’s short. It’s thin. It doesn’t weigh much. It’s perfect. Already an industry leader in monolithic rail development, Lewis Machine & Tool is once again improving the way weapons are manufactured. The newly designed LM8 (slick octagonal rail) platform redefines what a rail should be by giving you a rail that is smaller, slimmer, lighter and more maneuverable. In short, we’ve reduced the amount of gun that you have to carry, without sacrificing the reliability that you want and the knockdown power that you need. 8 Sides, Hundreds of configuration possibilities, 1 kick-a88 gun. ® B EC AUS E FAI LUR E IS NOT AN O PTI O N TOP RAIL POSITION mATChES m4 ANd E3-TyPE wEAPONS Phone: 309-732-9527 Subscribe to SI DIGITAL 1/25/12 1:44 PM

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