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Winchester Repeating Arms Model 1886 Short Rifle The Model 1886 Short Rifle features a deeply blued receiver, 24" barrel and lever, and matching blued steel end cap and steel crescent buttplate. Straight grip Grade I walnut stock has a satin finish, and full-length tubular steel magazine holds six .45-70 Govt. cartridges. Winchester Repeating Arms 1-800-333-3288 SI DIGITAL Hot Link Black Hills Ammunition 5.56mm Black Hills has released two 5.56mm offerings for commercial sale. The 5.56mm 77-gr. features a Sierra MatchKing projectile at 5.56mm velocity of 2,750 from a 20" barrel. The BHA 5.56mm 50gr. TSX load was developed for U.S. law enforcement specifications, and features a specially built version of Barnes’ TSX bullet with expansion to .50 caliber with a penetration of 14". Black Hills Ammunition (605) 348-5150 SI DIGITAL Hot Link HiViz Shooting Systems Two In One The Two In One magnetic shotgun sight contains two different-colored LitePipes to allow a quick color change to provide better contrast between the shooter’s eye and the target. Positioned behind the front bead, the Two In One attaches to the rib with four magnets. Chemical-resistant LitePipes are housed in a durable protective sheath, and are orange and green in color. Two shapes, round and triangular, are also included. Available in four sizes. HiViz Shooting Systems 1-800-589-4315 SI DIGITAL Hot Link 52 APRIL 2011 Read SI DIGITAL

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