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Story & Photos By Carolee Anita Boyles What Dealers Liked Retailers Converged On SHOT Show In Search Of Best Sellers “I Tafford Oltz says customers will like side-by-side shotguns from Fausti USA. Ben Minkle was drawn to receivers built by Black Rain Ordnance. 34 APRIL 2011 come to the show to stay current, to see people in the industry and to get ideas about new ways to retail. We live in an out-of-the-way area, so finding these quality products can be a challenge,” said Ron Mengel, of San Juan Shooting Range in Montrose, Colo. At the Benchmade booth, Gerry Morey, owner of Ocean Tactical in Bayville, N.J., was impressed with the new Model 915 Triage Knife. “I think that knife should be issued to every law-enforcement officer, fireman and first-aider — anyone who may need to break glass in an emergency, cut a seat belt or do anything with a knife. It’s a phenomenal tool.” Visit www. In the Gun Storage Solutions booth, Dale Buntyn, owner of Buntyn Gun Works in Collinsville, Miss., was impressed with the variety of racks designed to maximize storage in gun safes. “We really like their over/under unit that lets you put a handgun on the top and the bottom of the shelf at the same time,” Buntyn said. “We also like the idea of being able to fit more guns neatly inside the small compartment of a safe. This is the only product I know of that will let you do that. It’s unique.” Visit Ben Minkle, owner of Cedar Falls Tactical in Park Hills, Mo., likes Black Rain Ordnance products so much he volunteered to work in the booth during the show. “Black Rain Ordnance manu- factures all their receivers and small parts out of 7075 aluminum, while many AR manufacturers use forging,” he said. “By making the parts out of 7075 aluminum, Black Rain can do extra things like flared mag wells, internal triggerguards and other things you just can’t do with standard forging. So it makes a custom gun, which is something a lot of my customers are looking for. They like guns that are out of the ordinary.” Minkle also likes the fit and finish of the machine work from Black Rain Ordnance. “I’ve never seen another manufacturer that does a better job of machining,” he said. “My customers love it. They all like the fact it’s a custom gun, and the extra quality involved with the product.” Visit Darrell Crouch from Herb Bauer Sporting Goods in Fresno, Calif., likes the entire line of Condor Tool & Knife products. “They have a very broad selection of utilitarian tools, on down to a small skinner,” Crouch said. “The line covers the whole spectrum of any tool you’re going to need in the field or in farm work. It’s an excellent product line.” Visit At the Fausti USA booth, Tafford Oltz from Big Horn Gun Co. in Kalispel, Mont., was drawn to the company’s smaller-sized, side-by-side shotguns. “I really like the small frame on this particular gun. I like the balance of the gun. And the finish Read SI DIGITAL

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