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Shooting Industry April 2010 - Page 8

Industry Industry news Gun Control Flunks President Obama By Russ Thurman n a scathing report, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence gives President Barack Obama an “F” in its “2009 Brady Gun Violence Prevention Report Card.” In very unflattering terms, the Brady Center criticizes the president, using its standard inflammatory, anti-gun language. “In a year punctuated by mass shootings, ambush killings of police, assault weapon-toting protestors and profligate gun trafficking from U.S. gun shops that threatens the stability of Mexico, President Obama’s first-year record on gun violence prevention has been an abject failure,” the Brady Center states in “Failed Leadership, Lost Lives.” The attack on the president by the Brady Center is a dramatic change from its enthusiastic support of then-presidential candidate Obama. In October 2008, the Brady Center strongly endorsed Obama for president, and then heralded his election as president. “This is a good day for people who want to reduce gun violence in America. It’s a bad day for extremists who are stuck New Offerings In Defensive Handguns — page 20 I in the rhetoric of the past,” said Sarah Brady, in a Nov. 5, 2008, news release. The Brady Center’s projected and hoped-for sweeping gun control during 2009 never materialized, prompting them to state, in issuing the failing grade, that: “Rather than showing leadership by calling for the stronger laws candidate Obama had professed to support, the White House muzzled cabinet members who called for sensible gun laws. Administration officials parroted NRA slogans to just ‘enforce the law on the books,’ even though there are few such laws and those are riddled with loopholes. It is no wonder that one pro-gun writer remarked that the NRA ‘should erect a statue of Barack Obama in front of its D.C. headquarters.’” In the report, the Brady Center outlines the president’s: • “Failure to Support Efforts to Strengthen Brady Background Checks and Close the Gun Show Loophole. • Failure to Strengthen Federal Gun Laws to Stop Gun Trafficking. • Failure to Oppose Laws Making It Easier to Carry Loaded Weapons in Public. • Failure to Support Efforts to Reinstate a Federal Assault Weapons Ban. • Failure to Stand Up to the Gun Lobby. • Failure to Show Leadership to Prevent Gun Violence.” In the conclusion of the 26-page report, the Brady Center indicates the president can still redeem himself. “President Obama still has an opportunity to fulfill his campaign promises, and leave a legacy of preventing gun violence of which he can be proud,” reads the report. While the report is another indication of the stagnation of the anti-gun movement’s national efforts, as most industry veterans will attest, things can change dramatically and quickly. Constant vigilance continues to be the wisest posture. Beretta Presents Custom Shotgun To President Bush eretta presented former President George W. Bush with a custom-made SO10 EELL shotgun before a crowd of nearly 3,000 at the final dinner for the 38th annual Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nev. Dott. Franco Gussalli Beretta presented the 20-gauge over-andunder to the president “in appreciation for his leadership during his time in office as Commander in Chief and for his unflagging support of Americans’ rights to keep and bear arms.” “My family and I are very proud to be able to present President Bush with this Beretta shotgun,” Beretta said. “Several years ago, my father B gave a shotgun to President Bush’s father at the Safari Club Convention. Now I am honored to have the privilege to present this shotgun to the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.” Peter Horn, VP of Beretta’s U.S. retail sales, also presented a custom Italian leather gun case with handmade gun accessories and an engraved Damascus knife to President Bush. For additional information, visit President George W. Bush accepts a custom-made shotgun from Franco Gussalli Beretta (center). At left is Peter Horn, VP of Beretta’s U.S. retail sales. Hunter’s Specialties Supports Research See page 13 $13,366 Lipsey’s Contributes To NRA See page 15 $15,000 SportDOG Gives Conservation Grants See page 17 $19,300 Join Us On The Firing Line For The SHOOTING INDUSTRY MASTERS! Page 54 8 APRIL 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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