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Shooting Industry April 2010 - Page 51

Browning Cynergy Browning’s Cynergy over-and-under receives a performance upgrade for 2010 with the addition of the Vector Pro lengthened forcing cone in all 12- and 20-gauge models. Vector Pro has a 2 1/2" forcing cone that provides a more gradual taper to minimize shot deformation and maximize patterns. Browning TruckVault M&P Transporter The M&P Transporter from Smith & Wesson allows users to safely and securely store a handgun and additional ammo clips. The M&P Transporter features 14-gauge cold roll, plate steel construction; hinge-assisted opening; keyless combination lock entry; padded foam insert; and built-in retractable cable tether. It can be attached securely inside or outside a vehicle. Empty weight is 16 1/2 lbs., and interior dimensions are 12"x7 1/2"x3". Manufactured in the USA. (801) 876-2711 SI DIGITAL Hot Link TruckVault 1-888-321-VAULT SI DIGITAL Hot Link Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Rest The Lead Sled FCX (Fire Control Xtreme) Shooting Rest features a frame system that captures and transfers recoil energy to the weights and weight tray. The Fire Control mechanism is an alignment system actuated by a joystick-style control arm that can be moved in any direction, allowing a relaxed shooting posture. Caldwell (573) 445-9200 SI DIGITAL Hot Link APRIL 2010 51

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