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Shooting Industry April 2010 - Page 20

Lethal Lethal force New Offerings In Defensive Handguns anufacturers rolled out their new products at the SHOT Show in January, and there is much to draw from that will intrigue your self-defense customers. In revolvers, Smith & Wesson has too many new guns to condense here, but the high points of their wheel-gun introductions include hammerless, lightweight J-frame, high-capacity .22s. The .22 Magnum is a natural for recoil-sensitive shooters, and the .22 Long Rifle version is a sleeper. Every one of your customers who has bought S&W’s most popular revolver — the “hammerless” 642 and its many siblings — is a potential customer for one of these. Show them how the shielded-hammer design allows them to hold their .38 or .357 with their hand higher than on a shrouded hammer Bodyguard or conventional hammer Chief Special. And remind customers that buying this new S&W .22 will give them perfect practice for drawing and firing their carry gun at a huge cost savings. The similar- Massad Ayoob M ity stops after the first shot, when the .38/.357 versus .22 recoil starts, but it’s still a great understudy gun. The “Bodyguard” appellation — The S&W Bodyguard 38 has an integrated Insight Technology laser. S&W-speak for the first shroudedhammer single/double-action Jframe defense revolver since 1955 — is now worn by a new polymer/aluminum/ steel .38 Special snubby. Also a “hammerless,” it comes with an integral laser sight from Insight Technology, and carries a price-point that makes for huge cost savings for you and your customers, compared to the price of an aftermarket laser sight on a standard J-frame. Word from the show is that dealer orders for this gun were huge. It shot well when we tested it on the range. Your traditionalist S&W collectors won’t like the looks or the cylinder latch placement — which is on top of the frame near the rear sight — but your first-time snubby buyers will appreciate the value pricing. Ruger has a GP100-size revolver that fires seven rounds of .327 Federal Magnum. Chiappa Firearms is finally ready to start bringing in the Rhino, which harkens to the old Mateba, with the barrel in line with the bottom chamber in the cylinder instead of the top one, and a very steep grip angle with a flange over the web of the hand. These features should greatly reduce muzzle jump with the .38 Special/.357 Magnum ammo for which it is chambered. The Rhino is marketed by MKS Supply. Call (837) 425-4867. Presenting A Full Battery Of Semiautomatics he .38 revolver’s fraternal twin in the new Smith & Wesson customers will find more reassuring for pocket carry. Bodyguard line is the Bodyguard 380. Designed to compete Ruger has a subcompact version of their SR9, which fits the with the Kel-Tec P3AT, the Ruger LCP and the Kahr .380, this gun hand very nicely and has nearly perfect trigger reach. Dealer inweighs about 12 oz. unloaded, is very thin and flat, and worked terest at the booth seemed brisk. This polymer striker-fired pistol fine through hundreds of rounds. undersells most of the rest of the The double-action-only trigger quality polymer subcompact 9mms isn’t bad, and the laser — availon the market. The trigger, as promable in solid dot or pulse, shooter’s ised, was better than before, though choice — is activated by the trigger it does not yet thrill this writer. finger and is more ergonomic than For your customers who fit the the one on the revolver. It’s not as definition of “rhino-rolling mascheap as an LCP, but it does have ter blasters,” the neat, old Coonan the laser sight already on board. pistol is back in production, chamThe two I fired hit where they bered for the .357 Magnum revolver were aimed. Its conventional sights round. You can order it in its stanare quite good, and it comes with The SR9c compact pistol weighs 23.4 oz., and is 6.85" long dard size, which is not small, and in a thumb safety that some of your and 4.61" high. a new and more compact format. 20 APRIL 2010 T Read SI DIGITAL

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