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Shooting Industry April 2010 - Page 10

Industry news SSF is now on the air, with a daily radio show called “Insights.” Produced by the Walker Agency, the show debuted March 1 and airs Monday through Friday. “We are excited about the possibilities this new radio program offers NSSF, our industry and our sports,” said Mark E. Thomas, NSSF managing director of marketing communications. “NSSF’s Insights will help NSSF reach a new audience of hunters and shooters, and will inspire potential participants who are listening to try our sports.” Insights host John Quaintance, an Emmy Award-winning former television and radio reporter, will delve into the world of hunting and target shooting to report on a range of topics. “Our experience in creating interesting and entertaining radio programs that have collectively won more than 85 broadcast awards gives assurance that NSSF’s Insights will attract listeners. Once we have them ‘by the ears,’ we can encourage them to enjoy the shooting sports,” said Mike Walker, of the Walker Agency. The program is being offered to radio stations on a barter basis. For those who can’t receive the program via radio, the shows will also be available for download at and available as podcasts on iTunes. NSSF encourages its member companies to let their local radio stations know about this free daily radio program. Station managers should contact NSSF for a sample program and to learn more about adding the show to their lineup. For more information, visit www.nssf. org. For information about becoming a broadcast affiliate of the show, contact Mike Walker at SI DIGITAL or (602) 569-0340. Hot Link NSSF On The Radio With “Insights” Show N 10 APRIL 2010 Read SI DIGITAL

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