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GUNS Magazine December 2012 Digital Edition - Page 90

hat wonderful year was 1954. our first nuclear T submarine, Nautilus, is launched, Ike warns about intervening in Vietnam, and the Army/McCarthy hearings to drEaM thE iMPossiBlE drEaM have such a proliferation of all kinds of handguns today it is probably difficult for younger shooters to realize how important that .357 Blackhawk, now affectionately known as the Flat-Top, was. begin. on the lighter side Roger Bannister runs the first 4-minute mile and RCA offers the first color TV set with a 12" screen for $1,000. To celebrate our Judeo-Christian heritage the phrase “Under God” is added to the Pledge of Allegiance. I was delivering papers every day and once a week when I went to town to pay my bill I normally went to the movies. It was in 1954 I heard Frank Sinatra sing words on the big screen I never forgot. Even to this day I still remember those lyrics: Most Modern Colt had dropped the Single Action Army in 1940 with no thought of ever producing it again. In 1954 Great Western in Los Angeles started producing the first replica of the Colt Single Action; Ruger went Great Western at least one step further by modernizing the Single Action in two ways, adjustable sights and virtually unbreakable lockwork. Gone were the old flat springs of the Colt as the new “Fairy tales can come true, it can else which would have a great effect Ruger used the same coil-spring action happen to you, if you’re young at heart. on handguns was taking place in a as the .22 Single-Six. The Blackhawk, For it’s hard you will find to be narrow small manufacturing plant in the of course, was larger than the Ruger of mind if you’re young at heart. You Northeast. Bill Ruger had begun .22 being full Colt-sized, and with a can go to extremes with impossible producing the Sturm, Ruger .22 heavy flat-topped frame containing schemes, you can laugh a fully adjustable Micro when your dreams fall rear sight. The old Single apart at the seams, and Action dating all the way life gets more exciting back to 1836 was now with each passing day, officially modernized. and love is either in your The Blackhawk .357 heart or on its way. Don’t Magnum was a wonderyou know that it’s worth ful sixgun and in fact every treasure on earth was my first new centerto be young at heart; for fire single action. But as rich as you are, it’s those of us who were much better by far to young at heart were be young at heart. And ready to go to extremes if you should survive to with not so impossi105, think of all you’ll ble schemes but it soon derive out of being alive. appeared our dreams And here is the best part, would fall apart at the you’ll have a head start, seams. Elmer Keith got if you are among the very “it Can Happen To you!” From Lipsey’s, ruger 25th Anniversary Shootists Bisley Model every sixgunner excited young at heart.” by telling us Ruger prom.44 Special and Stainless Steel .44 Special Flat-Top engraved by Michael Gouse. Not only were the ised .44 Special and .45 1950s the time of classic sixguns it semi-automatic in 1949 and followed Colt versions momentarily… neither was also a grand time for lyricists; if this with his .22 Single-Six in 1953. ever happened. The arrival of the .44 there are any songs like this out there With the latter Ruger resurrected Magnum in late 1955 pretty much now, anything that actually inspires, the single action revolver and now put the kibosh on a new .44 Special I certainly haven’t heard it lately. Not in 1954 he was putting the finish- from Ruger. Ruger did try to use their only was 1954 a banner year in so ing touches on the .357 Blackhawk many ways as mentioned, something which officially arrived in 1955. We continued on page 89 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2 90

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