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GUNS Magazine December 2012 Digital Edition - Page 83

cUStOM cOMpEtItION pIStOL If you would like your product featured in GUNS Magazine’s New Products, Contact: Jason Moreau (866) 903-1199. For more New Products visit us online at BLADE-TECH iNDuSTriES/ STi iNTErNATiONAL lade-tech industries has teamed up with Sti international to create and donate the 2012 Bianchi Cup pistol, a custom competition pistol, as part of Blade-tech’s sponsorship of the 2012 midway USa/Nra Bianchi Cup. the pistol was made at Sti international facilities in Georgetown, texas. the firearm is based off of Sti’s popular apeiro 2011 model. like the apeiro 2011 model, the 2012 Bianchi Cup pistol is a high-capacity, double-stack, .40-caliber pistol that has unquestioned reliability. in addition, the slide of the pistol is emblazoned with both the 2012 Bianchi Cup and Blade-tech logos. Blade-tech also manufactured a holster designed and molded for this custom competition pistol. For more info: (512) 819-0656, B INfOrcE 6vX 200-LUMEN STEiNEr OPTiCS esigned for use on long-range, tactical and sniper rifles in a combat environment, the new riflescope from Steiner optics extends the shooting range and provides visibility in even the lowest light conditions. it features a 34mm 1-piece extruded aluminum main tube and broadband anti-reflective coated optics for maximum light transmission. the digital illumination offers 11 intensity levels (7 night/ 4 day) and a battery saver position between each level. the windage knob, located on the right side of the tub, is calibrated for up to 5 mils of adjustment for both left and right adjustment. For more info: (970) 358-1670, MILItAry 5-25X56MM rIfLEScOpE EMiSSivE ENErGy COrP. missive energy Corp. presents the inforce 6vx 200-lumen lighting system, featuring a new multifunction tailcap switch that provides constant, momentary, high, low, strobe and lockout modes. the high-power setting provides a 2-hour runtime and the low-power setting of 40 lumens runs 10 hours. For more info: (401) 294-2030, emissive-energy e D FiELDLiNE he latest member of Fieldline’s new tactical series combines combat-ready performance with advanced features that keep gear safely stowed, organized and easily accessible for when called into action. an extra large top-loading main compartment with zippered mesh pockets can pack in boots, extra clothing and essentially any important survival gear you want. a secondary compartment with gear organizer provides immediate access to smaller items such as extra ammo or hearing protection. the pack measures 9"x13.5"x21.5" is made from heavy-duty water-resistant fabric and available in either coyote or black. For more info: (800) 438-3353, ALpHA OpS INtErNAL frAME pAck t MAxPEDiTiON he tactical Gear retractor is a high-quality, heavyduty retractable gear tether with a stainless steel spring, subdued hardware and durable lightweight kevlar cord. the all-weather retractors are made in the USa and have several attachment styles and retraction forces to choose from. also available in black and oD green. For more info: (310) 7680098, maxpedition tActIcAL GEAr rEtrActOr t TACTiCALrx NSi z87.1 rx “almost lenses” (not inserts) fit in wrap-frame sports glasses with an inverted bifocal lens (adjusted to your front sight) built into the dominant eye lens. when walking around, the bifocal portion stays out of the way and gives the wearer normal distance vision with peripheral vision in focus. with the head tilted down slightly, the gun sights come into focus in the dominant eye, while the other eye retains distance vision. the glasses are made with polycarbonate lenses, and are fully aNSi z87.1 compliant when built into a high curve z87.1 sports or safety glasses. police, military, construction, and certain government agency use is approved. they can be made in polarized lenses, clear, or nearly any tint imaginable. tacticalrx can even retrofit most high-quality glasses with their aNSi approved “almost lenses.” For more info: (303) 455-3369, ALMOSt LENSES a 4TH ED. AMMO ENcycLOpEdIA he 4th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia by michael Bussard has been expanded to 968 pages, and includes extensive ballistic charts for most popular rimfire and centerfire cartridges. the industry’s newest cartridges have also been added, and many sections have been updated with additional information, charts and images. the 4th Edition Ammo Encyclopedia is also available online and on CD. For more info: (800) 877-4867, www. blue-book-publications-inc BLUE BOOk pUBLIcAtIONS t W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M 83

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