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GUNS Magazine December 2012 Digital Edition - Page 68

No-Gunsmithing Scope Mounts, Optics, and Shooting Accessories NO.1 SOURCE NO-GUNSMITHING SCOPE MOUNTS STORY: Pat Covert • AK-47 • Benelli • Browning • Colt • FN-FAL • H&K • IZH • Marlin • Mauser • Remington • Rossi • Ruger • Savage Arms • SKS • Smith & Wesson • Springfield • Winchester OPTICS ack in November 2011, we introduced you to Grayman Knives’ Satu, an oversized, tank-like tactical folder. If you like such heaping helpings in a knife, you’re going to love Grayman’s new Mega-Pounder Bowie. Throughout the company’s line of fixed-blade knives, their Mega-Pounder series tops the rest in sheer brawn and weight. The Mega-Pounder Bowie carries on this tradition with added style points and a handful of tugs at the traditional knife lover’s heartstrings. Grayman’s Bowie is a blend of traditional styling with modern twists. The 6" upswept clip-point blade is reminiscent of the old Iron Mistress of movie lore, but it comes with a surprise. The blade is actually chisel ground—flat on the backside—to make sharpening easier. To further that cause, the 1/4" thick blade is 1095 carbon steel (read: very easy to sharpen) and sports a black Gunkote At 17.3 ounces, the hefty Mega-Pounder Bowie more than lives finish for corrosion up to its name. Seen on the bottom is the new Dua folder, a resistance. The knife’s smaller version of the Satu. corpulent, yet comfortable handle features a deep finger and a skull-buster base with lanyard choil, hearty textured G10 scales, hole. At 17.3 ounces the Mega-Pounder MP Bowie SB 6 Bowie more than lives up to its name, but if you need a “little more knife” Maker: GrayMan knives Grayman offers the same knife in P.O. BOx 50 7.5" and 9" blade lengths. The 6" SB 6 PMB 132 model featured here can be had with Lake arrOwhead, Ca 92352 www.GunsMaGazine.COM/GrayMan-knives a standard MOLLE-compatible tan Cordura sheath or you can go deluxe Blade steel:1095 carbon steel/black Gunkote with a superb tooled sheath (see finish, Blade length: 6", Overall length: photo) by Riedel Custom Leather 11.75", Weight: 17.3 ounces, handle: Textured for a few clams extra. Either way, be G10, black or green, sheath: Tan Cordura or Riedel prepared to own the whacker of your dreams. Mike Grayman only builds Custom Leather, Price: $235 (Cordura sheath); big, bad knives, and he wouldn’t have $295 (leather sheath) it any other way. B Grayman adds a modern Bowie to their popular Mega-Pounder series. Pound this! • Prismatic Sights • Rifle Scopes • Pistol Scopes • Tactical Optics • Airgun Scopes • Electronic Dot Sights • Illuminator/Laser • Tri-Rail Scopes • Reflex Sights • Magnifiers • Binoculars • Spotting Scopes SHOOTING ACCESSORIES • Bipods • Sling Swivels • Adapters • Gunsmith Tools • Airgun Rings • .22 Rings • Adjustable Rings • Fore End Grips • Tactical Flashlights • Standard Dovetail Rings All Sun Optics USA products carry our Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty 817-783-6001/6433 68 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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