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GUNS Magazine December 2012 Digital Edition - Page 64

2012 John ConnoR t’s that time again, folks, so break out your naughty & nice list, number the names of the numptys on it, grab a marker, and start highlighting who-gets-what on these pages. oh, what do i want for Christmas? makIn’ youR ShoppIng SImple! i Hmmm. i’d like a round tuit; not a square one, or one of those common hexagonal tuits. there are so many things i’d like to do, if i could just get a round tuit. wood is fine, solid brass is better. thanks in advance, and merry Christmas! ust seeing the Browning “Buckmark” on a gift puts J a grin on any hunter’s mug, and Browning’s new outdoorsman’s axe and Shears will be used and treasured outdooRSman’S axe and SheaRS for years. the axe is hot-forged, hollowground and tanktough, and the shears will lop big branches as well as briskets and bones quick and slick. the axe lists for just $64.95 and the shears are only $41.95; not much for your coveted title of “Best Gift-Givin’ Buddy ever,” don’t ya think? Impact RollIng Steel taRget ooks like a caltrop, doesn’t it? Hit the top impact l plate and just like a caltrop, Benchmaster uSa’s new impact Rolling Steel targets leap, dance, and always land with a target stickin’ straight up! the impact-45 handles all handgun calibers from 9mm to .44 mag, while the impact-22 is for rifles and handguns in .22 lR and wmR. Safe and strong, they’re priced perfectly at $34.99 and $59.99! here’s a complete and compact t otis cleaning system for just about anything that burns gunpowder, and they make great gifts. Here’s the wingshooter Cleaning System, and the 3-Gun Competition Cleaning System. Both contain all components necessary for thorough breechto-muzzle cleaning. don’t worry—the compact kits are round, but they come in square boxes, so even you can gift-wrap ’em! WIngShooteR & 3-gun cleanIng SyStem ant to polish essential shooting w skills like hand-eye-head coordination, breathing and release, FlIppInout SlIngShotS while having tons of fun with your munchkin, grandkid or a pal? Flippinout Slingshots are accurate and powerful, capable of taking small game and available in materials from polymer to G10 and exotic wood combinations. Priced from only $25.95 up, you get all the fun of shooting without the bang— or the big bucks! 64 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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