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GUNS Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 84

GUNS ALLSTARS! Multi Torque Driver Jacob gottfredson f you’re like me, you need small I useful tools to keep your rifles running. One problem is finding a torque wrench that takes up little room and works for several values. Well, you’re in luck. Borka Tools is owned by Boris Teper, a truly ingenious fellow who designed the Multi Torque Driver. Tony Burkes (T.A.B. Gear) combined his talents to make a nice pouch for the tool, and the entire unit is being sold through Rifles Only. There is more than one model, but the Military Grade, version 1.03, Model ATD15x72-12FS-MG is the one most useful for shooters. Torque settings of 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, 43, 50, 57, 65 and 72 inch-pounds are available on the tool. Half are on one side and the other half become available by turning the tool over. The handle breaks appropriately on each side. Using torque wrenches is the correct way to tighten scope mount screws, ring screws and nuts on Picatinny rails, as well as action screws. And that is often necessary for the average shooter, sans gunsmith. I’m sure the tool will find its way to many gunsmiths, home shops and hobbyists. But it is a boon for those of us who spend a lot of time hunting, competing and testing equipment on the range. Most scope rings, for example, take either a T10 or a T15 Torx wrench. Many nuts on Picatinny rail rings take a 1/2" socket. These parts do not come with the tool, but can either be liberated from another set around the The Borka Multi Torque Driver is small, making it easy to take anywhere to keep your gear in top shape. house, picked up at some hardware store or purchased from Borka Tools. There are a couple training films on the tool’s use on the web, but among them, Boris himself describes the essentials of using the tool correctly to get the torque you want within +/-4 percent. The main thing to remember to get the torque indicated is to put the forcing finger or thumb in the handle’s groove. What could be simpler? The tool with pouch sells for $95. If you have little interest in stealing wrenches and sockets from other tool kits around the house or driving around town looking for them, Borka Tools has a variety of useful Torx and Hex sockets available. Ordinarily, however, the tool is supplied with the “military” grade torque driver kit, which includes TAB GEAR pouch and two adapters: 1/4" hex (male) to 1/4" square (male), and 1/4" square (female) to 3/8" square (male), needed to use the driver with the sockets. In my case, for example, a T15 Torx and a 1/2" socket will accomplish 90 percent of what I need. The tool is made from stainless steel and structural polymer, so it will stand up to most weather conditions. The bit holder is also magnetic. It is the only torque driver that incorporates the capability to deliver numerous fixed (pre-set) torque values in a single-design package, without the need for any additional adjustment or replacement of driver components. rifles oNly 188 souTh fM 772 KiNgsville, Tx 78363 (361) 522-4165 WWW.guNsMAgAziNe.CoM/rifles-oNly The driver is inserted in the appropriate torque value hole shown on the tool. A Torx wrench, hex wrench, or socket is then attached. Making sure to force the tool by putting the thumb or finger in the handle’s groove, simply apply force until the handle breaks. No backlash. It’s that simple. No guess work. No over or under turning. Done! BorKA eNTerPrises, llC 29383 BreezeWood fArMiNgToN hills, Mi 48331 (248) 798-7621 WWW.guNsMAgAziNe.CoM/BorKA-Tools Rydon Tactical Protective Eyewear John connor ’ve been a freak about eye protection I since being nearly blinded by plaster frags from a ricocheting AK round, The driver, sockets, Torx and hex wrenches have now been returned to the Rifles Only T.A.B. pouch for the next session. Genius in a small package. And it is made in America! and I’ve been a very satisfied user of Revision and Wiley-X eyewear for years. I’d never heard of Rudy Project until I was discussing eye safety with guys from a counterterrorism ops group and learned half of ’em wear Rudy Project glasses, and praise ’em. Now that I’ve tried them, well, gotta make room for Rudy…. 84 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2011

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