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GUNS Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 22

• M I k E “ D U k E ” v E N t U R I N O • RIfLEWOMAN And can she shoot! nitially, I was going to title this column, “A Modern Annie I Oakley.” but that doesn’t really fit because Annie was a trick shot. The lady I’m writing about isn’t that; instead she’s a darn good competitor, leaving lots of longexperienced men in the bPCR silhouette game in her figurative dust. Her name is Jen Griffis of Anaconda, Mont., a mother of two, a pediatric psychological therapist and in 2011 the setter of five BPCR Silhouette national records in the scoped category. And get this: she only fired her first silhouette match in March of 2011. That said, it is true Jen did have a good instructor. Her brother-in-law Mark Griffis of Belgrade, Mont., has been in the shooting game for several years, and won the 2011 Montana State Championship for iron-sight BPCR Silhouette. Jen is quite noticeable on the silhouette line with her long blonde hair, but where she gained her first true fame was in beating one of Montana’s top shooters for the title of 2011 Montana Regional Champion for scoped BPCR Silhouette. That was Ted Tompkins of Big Arm, Mont., who holds several state and regional champion titles won in both Montana and Arizona. Jen with one of her prizes and awards for her several feats at the 2011 national championship for scoped bpcr silhouette. Shoot Off Here’s how it played out in June 2011 at the Montana Regional Jen Griffis (right) with her brother-inlaw mark Griffis, set national records on both pigs (300 meters) and turkeys (385 meters) in her very first year of bpcr competition. the rifle is a cpa stevens 441/2, chambered for .40-65. Championship for scoped BPCR Silhouette held near Missoula. At the end of the 40-shot match, Jen and Ted both had scores of 32. What was surprising about Jen’s 32 score was that she managed to hit all her targets fired at from prone position. Those were pigs (300 meters), turkeys (385 meters) and rams (500 meters). That is a feat in itself. Then Jen hit two of the chicken silhouettes (200 meters), which were required to be fired at offhand. With Ted Tompkins being one of Montana’s best chicken shooters, a majority of the crowd figured Jen didn’t have a chance, as they went shoulder to shoulder for the tiebreaker. It was the best out of five at dinnerplate-size chickens. In the first run, each hit two so there was a repeat. To make a longer story short, by chicken number four Jen had hit three and Ted finished his run of five with only two. Jen had it won but her spotter, Mark, said, “Go ahead and take the fifth shot.” The crowd howled, as did Ted, when she downed it. Not only was Jen the 2011 Regional Champion for NRA Scoped BPCR Silhouette, but her score of 32 set a national record for women. After that match in June 2011, I intended to write this column about her but didn’t have enough photos. That was a good thing because the 22 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2011

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