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GUNS Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 8

• C L I N t S M I t h • P h O t O S : h E I D I S M I t h • CONCEPtS tO REALIty The Mossberg TR M500 and Noveske TR AR-15. ver the years, I have had several opportunities to O see some things I thought were good ideas come to reality. I thought affordable training by competent strong mounts on the forearm allow for light systems to be mounted for both left and right hand shooters. instructors might be a good thing. Like it or not, Thunder Ranch helped change the firearms training industry. TR importantly made for a place where people could get training from teachers and instructors based on concepts anchored in reality instead of pie-in-the-sky gimmicks and outright fraud (at least I thought so). Also, I liked being part and parcel of the reintroduction of the big Smith & Wesson N-frame Model 21 and 22 Thunder Ranch revolvers as nurtured by Mr. Roy Cuny and Mr. Antonio Miele. These first retro guns led to the now popular and growing Classic Series line of handguns made by the iconic “King of the Revolving Handgun.” Les Baer’s TR 1911 was (and still is) another good idea; Les, Karen, Brenda and the “shop” have made nearly 5,000 1911 pistols based on a simple concept I wanted. Les turned it into a reality by building the Thunder Ranch Special the way a 1911 should really be built for use as a defensive handgun. A new formula comes to mind: Dependability + Durability = Economy. Mossberg tR Model 500 This is a simple shotgun for a simple purpose: personal defense. It has no frills and everything on the gun is there for a reason. From butt to muzzle the stock has a short 12" length of pull solving the shotgun’s often biggest problem of being too long. The overall length of the shotgun is 37" with the barrel measuring in at 18-1/4" long. The thumb safety, as inherent in Mossberg’s design, is centered on the action rearward making the gun suitable for right- or left-handed shooters. Twin-action bars aid the action up front the mossberg is a serious looking shotgun. the “dragon’s teeth” are there to help ward off takeaways inside the home. the model 500’s short length of pull addresses a major shotgun issue in that many stocks are too long for close quarter use. the new noveske Generation ii action is an improvement over older styles. note the enlarged magwell. in reciprocating smoothly—often a helpful point in a bad spot. The gun will hold six rounds, five shells in the magazine and one chambered. A large, white bead sight helps with sighting acquisition in all lighting conditions. A home-defense shotgun in most cases gains no true edge by having the all-the-rage ghost-ring rear sight. Any illumination tool mounting issues are resolved by the placement of strong dual mounts on the forearm placed at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. A solid full-length rail also runs across the bottom of the forearm on the underside, or 6 o’clock position, for lighting requirements, as the owner may deem necessary. The TR Model 500 is chambered for 12 gauge as would be appropriate. The gun has sling swivels mounted front and rear that readily accept the quick detach sling systems. Two oddities may catch the eye, one being 8 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2011

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