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GUNS Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 66

W John Connor hat? Lotsa’ names on your Christmas gift list, and the only suggestions you’ve scribbled are “some kinda gift cards” or “cash”? You can do better than that, ’specially with GUNS on your side! We’ve done the bird-doggin’ for you, so just sit back, scroll down this lineup of winners, and you’ll find one or two—or 10—perfect matches for the pickiest of your pals! Happy hunting! your best huntin’ buddy’s second favorite “personal scent” is burnt gunpowder or Hoppe’s no. 9, you’ll want to keep her dry and toasty in rugged, technically superior allweather garments from prois Hunting & field apparel for women. if she’s the best, she deserves to wear the best, right? this outfit is from their xtreme series; waterproof, breathable, full-featured and lined with ultRa thinsulate. Prois Hunting Clothing: cut for ladies, built for the field. et’s take care of the l most important giftee on your list first, ok? if CRKT’s SHAKAULU is a great multi-mission outdoor cutter. oted knife designer ken onion n combined the best utilitarian features of the traditional alaskan ulu knife and the handiness of a small hatchet in his sHakaulu made by cRkt. this puppy does it all, from light bushwhacking to skinning and dressing game to just about every camp-kitchen chore, and does them with efficiency and style. Even the secure-locking sheath is a new and innovative design. the sHakaulu is a guaranteed pleaser! 66 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2011

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