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GUNS Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 62

I M.l. McPherson t is possible to modify the 1894 Marlin to safely handle either the .17 fireball or the .17/23 SMc (a significantly improved version of the .17 fireball). And it is possible create a perfectly useful varminting rifle by doing so. Many folks would argue, perhaps correctly, that converting a Marlin lever action to work with a modern varmint cartridge is an interesting but useless exercise; so, I should explain why I bothered. I can do that in one sentence: I did this to prove, once and for all, that traditional lever-action rifles can be accurate enough for almost any use. I have read so many ravings to the contrary and such claims, while widespread, are in direct contradiction to my experience with these rifles—I CuSToM ReBuIldeR: Ml MCpHeRSon 10725 Rd. 24.4 loop CoRTez, Co 81321 (970) 564-0500 www.gunSMAgAzIne.CoM/ Ml-MCpHeRSon This 1894 has unusual and striking lines. The juxtaposition of Robar NP3 and RoGuard is conspicuous. Robar’s finishes provide maximum protection and functionality. MARlIN 1894 ACtION typE: At the end of the button magazine (4-round capacity) is a sling stud. A conventional stud placement at the bottom of the forearm cap tends to interfere when shooting from a bench. The barrel marking was a customer specification. Close inspection reveals a flattened bottom on the forearm. This eases task of benchresting this rifle. ChAMBERING: CApACIty: tRIGGER lEt-Off: BARREl lENGth: Lever .17/23 SMc 4+1 1-1/8 pound 23-5/8" Custom LAW (Lightweight Air Working) 40-5/8", 43-3/4" (with muzzlebrake) 7-1/2 pounds RoBar NP3 and RoGuard SIGhtS: StOCk: PRICE: The Marlin factory stocks have enough color and grain structure to be interestingly attractive. Not visible are the buttstock throughbolt and stock bedding, which add significantly to accuracy potential. The stocks have been given a hand-rubbed Tung oil finish. 62 MUZZlEBRAkE: OvERAll lENGth: WEIGht: fINISh: None Walnut, Tung oil finish (buttstock throughbolt and bedding) $6,500 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2011

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