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GUNS Magazine December 2011 Digital Edition - Page 36

J.I. GALAN The umarex MP5k-PDw and steel storm bb shooters. he world of airguns has changed dramatically as an T ever-growing variety of highly-sophisticated models arrive on the market. One area where there is huge change is in the number of airguns mimicking the looks—and, in many cases, the operation as well—of real firearms. Most of the airguns in this group are superbly-designed repeaters employing CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas as their source of power. One of the really big names currently in the area of CO2-powered guns is Umarex USA. This Arkansas-based company imports and distributes an impressive selection of CO2-powered look-alikes. From stunningly faithful BB and pellet pistols—as well as some long guns—the Umarex lineup gives a new meaning to “fun gun.” Two of the top CO2 models in the Umarex line are actually BB repeaters that are light years from the traditional fUN GUNS the integral magazine can take 30 bbs directly from 300 bb reservoir (above). an integral picatinny-type rail allows for mounting an aftermarket forward-folding grip. since it is a bb gun and not a firearm, no tax stamp is necessary. if you ever wanted to know if such an accessory was worth the money, this is the cheapest way to find out. sliding the front sight rearward (below) reveals a reservoir with capacity to store 300 bbs. BB guns most of us grew up with. These BB blasters are dubbed Steel Storm and MP5K-PDW, respectively. Although the Steel Storm is not a look-alike of any specific firearm, most folks who know anything about modern police and military firearms will recognize the MP5KPDW as the HK 9mm sub-gun of outstanding design and performance. In fact, Umarex’s MP5K-PDW is manufactured under license from HK, and bears the famous German company’s logo. Thus, the BB-firing MP5KPDW is a faithful likeness of the ubiquitous Personal Defense Weapon in widespread use by many paramilitary and personal-protection professionals all over the world. Power is provided by one disposable, 12-gram CO2 cartridge. The latter the umarex mp5k-pDW is an ideal bb plinker for backyard use. suitable eye protection is a must to guard against ricocheting bbs. 36 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2011

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