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GUNS Magazine December 2010 - Page 22

RANGING SHOTS • CLINT SMITH • PARTS & PiECES Putting them together to form a working rifle. am continuously intrigued by the fact people have—and willingly own—guns that do not work. I watch repeatedly week after week as gun after gun takes a dump during a 3-day class that only requires a nominal 1,000 rounds to be fired through these declared “self-defense” guns. I Ammo doesn’t load, magazines for several other things I am working don’t work, sights fall off, scopes fall with like the Super Sniper scope from off, bases and rings are loose and bolt SWFA, a Manners drop-in stock Mini handles fall off. Ammo will not load Chassis System and a test rifle load. into the detachable magazines of the Anyways, I had a bunch of pieces and rifle. The ammo chambers, but then no one thought to put it into the detachable magazine, insert it into the rifle to see if it would work before driving thousands of miles to take a class? This makes for a long class when a bolt-action, magazine-fed rifle is in reality a single shot, unless all the projectiles are reset to the correct overall length for the magazine. By now you get it. So with all this “guns not working” confusion in my head, I wondered just how hard is it to get a rifle to work? Can a “parts” rifle be put together and will these pieces and parts work? So, this is a story, in a matter of speaking, about traveling down a road, coming to a 4-way intersection, with the issue of having to choose one of the four roads to turn on to. Instead of picking one road I just decided to do them all! So here we go. This all started when I got drawn for an elk tag for the state of Oregon for 2010. This fact made for an excellent excuse to get a new rifle, so with the help of DeWayne Herearetheseriesoftargetsfiredthroughoutthepiecesand Irwin from Cheaper Than partschangeouts.Groupnumber2is10roundsfiredafterthe Dirt—(the store)—I got a boresighting.thesearethefirst10roundsfiredthroughthe new Remington 700 LTR newrifle.targets3and4afterthestockchangetoManners rifle in .308. The new rifle is andtheadjustmentofsighttoimpactcenterofthediamond. lightweight and compact, so target5aftertheMannersstockwasremovedandtherifle much so that after I got it I placedbackintotheRemingtonfactorystock.thebestgroups thought to use it as a test bed camefromtheriflewhilemountedintheMannersstock. 22 parts to work with and it worked out to be a pretty slick adventure of cat juggling of these pieces to and from the base LTR rifle. Taking the standard baseline out-of-the-box Remington rifle, the magazine was grumpy like they always are and the trigger was a bit rough, but the barrels are always good and I went to the range. I put the Super Sniper 10x42 scope in place on Badger rings and a 20-MOA Badger base. We bore sighted the rifle from the bench at 100 yards and the first round on paper was two mils high and one mil left off of our target. Piece 2, Shots 2-11 After shot number one and the first adjustment, I placed the next 10 rounds inside the diamond with the last four touching and centered on the target. The rounds strung a bit up and down in the beginning but stayed way inside the 2" marked diamond with the last five dropping inside a 1" group. Piece 3 & 4, Shots 12-22 After the first 11 shots, we removed the action with the scope intact from the standard Remington stock and set the barreled action into the Manners MSC stock. The Manners is a thumbhole type pattern with Badger bottom metal and the Accuracy International magazine. The AI magazine worked flawlessly and the rifle action fit the stock just as Manners said it would. With the action dropped into place, I locked it down and the next five rounds fired dropped a nominal 5" from the diamond target center and 1" left of center off of the original zero of the issued stock from Remington. Adding 1.2 mils up and .2 mils left, five more rounds were fired with the group moving a bit up and down but still staying in the WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2010

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