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GUNS Magazine December 2010 - Page 64

sOmetHing fOr every sHOOting sPOrtsman. • John Connor • S till got some gaping holes in your Christmas gift list? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. Here’s a buncha slick selections for all your friends and loved ones—that is, as long as they love guns and the outdoors like we do. If they don’t, maybe the right gift will get ’em headed down the right path! Otherwise, give the guys ugly, skinny ties and the ladies get fuzzy purple slippers, all size XL, OK? For her: The outdoor ladies in your life will love this fitted, stylish SHE Safari Zip Jacket featuring warm, breathable Wind Armor fleece. Available in khaki, light olive and dark olive, it’s fashionable, functional and toasty. SHE Outdoor Apparel, 15535 W. Hardy Ste #102, Houston, TX 77060, (281) 448-4860. SHE Safari For him: Our pals at Ranger UP had GUNS readers in mind when they designed this Second Amendment T with full wrap-around front and back graphics—and a message we like to share. Since it’s winter, you could also get him a warm Unapologetically American hoodie too! Use Promo Code gunsxmas2010 and get free USPS Priority Mail shipping. Ranger UP, (919) 682-1475. Ranger UP Fine, well-tanned leather has unique appeal, and Boyt Harness has 100 years of experience making great sporting leather goods. From cartridge holders to gun cases, they’ve got something for every budget. Boyt Harness, 220 S. Main St., Osceola, IA 50213 (800) 550-2698. 64 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2010 Boyt Harness

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