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GUNS Magazine December 2009 - Page 44

y desk drawer Webster’s Dictionary M defines “innovate” as “to make change by introducing something new.” When it comes John Taffin Photos: Joseph R. Novelozo to innovative firearms manufacturers, Taurus must certainly be regarded as among those who continually strive to come up with something new. In fact, they may be at the top of the heap. When I first encountered Taurus a quarter-century ago they were making what were basically copies of the Smith & Wesson K-frame .38 Special. The first innovation from Taurus to catch my sixgunning eye was not a .38 but rather a .22. The first revolver I ever fired was a 9-shot, top-break .22 Harrington and Richardson and for decades I wanted a swing-out cylindered double action .22 with the same 9-shot capability. When Taurus introduced the 4" Model 94, I purchased two of them. One went to my daughter and I was going to keep the other one until I found out my wife’s fishing buddy had purchased a pocket pistol for her self defense. I gave her the 9-shot Taurus .22 as it was a much better choice than her little .25 pocket automatic. Not only was the .22 Long Rifle hollowpoint cartridge better suited to her purpose than the .25, it was a lot less expensive and the Taurus was certainly a lot easier to shoot. Both 9-shot .22s are still in service and my daughter’s The ergonomic grip houses the 12-round magazine in the most compact way possible. Three backstraps are included to adjust the grip to your individual hand size. .22 has been on innumerable camping and fishing trips with her family. You might say I have a soft spot in my sixgunning heart for dependable and relatively inexpensive Taurus revolvers. Taurus has not stopped with revolvers but also offers an extensive line up of semi-automatic pistols from pocket .22s 44 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • DECEMBER 2009

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