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GUNS Magazine November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 81

Shrike 5.56 If you would like your product featured in GUNS Magazine’s New Products, Contact: Jason Moreau (866) 903-1199. For more New Products visit us online at ARES Defense reS defense Systems has released the SHriKe 5.56 advanced weapons System. The innovative SHriKe 5.56 upper receiver is designed to fit any Mil-SPeC quality ar-15/M16/M4-type lower receiver and features a dualfeed system, allowing users to configure the SHriKe 5.56 from magazine to belt-fed in seconds without modification to the lower receiver. durable and lightweight, the militarygrade SHriKe 5.56 delivers the firepower of a US M249 Squad automatic weapon (Saw) at nearly half the weight of the current Saw. For more info: (321) 242-8410, a ultra-lite SerieS PiStol caSeS KJGallickDesigns JGallickdesigns presents a new development in paper targets for handgun competition and training. The 20"x26" targets simulate aerial views of golf course holes. The shooter’s distance to the target changes based on the strike of the round on the target until the hole is struck. rangeGolf tournaments can be organized using any type of golf tournament format with rangeGolf targets. Many different courses of 18 holes are available with targets of varying difficulty and strategy. Targets are sold in sets of nine holes with scorecards and instruction sheets. For more info: (717) 460-1112, ranGeGolf PaPer handGun tarGetS K Americase, Inc. mericase, inc. is pleased to announce the pre-release of two pistol cases from the forthcoming Ultra-lite Series of cases — a 4-pistol case (weighing in at 6 pounds) and an 8-pistol case (at 9 pounds). each case has two loop latches that can be padlocked. These cases are light but have strength, quality and integrity. The interior is bordered by 1" of high-density cushioning, while the pistol/accessory compartments are carpet-lined; additionally, each case comes with two handles, one on the top and the other on the case front. included is a weather seal to keep out dust, dirt and moisture. For more info: (800) 972-2737 or www. a Brass Stacker he raCHiS recoil System for full- and compact-frame Glock GeN 4 pistols is now available. The Carry model features a hollow, lightweight Nitro-wear, heat-treated eTd 150 alloy steel guide rod. The CoMPeTiTioN model is permanently bonded with a Tungsten Carbide core. both are used in conjunction with a conventional iSMi non-captive, single-stage round wire recoil spring and a 12l14 alloy steel guide rod bushing. with an approximate 400 percent increase over the weight of the factory recoil assembly, these high-density guide rods provide additional non-reciprocating mass, improving recovery times and yielding faster target acquisition of follow-up shots. For more info: (828) 6654427, rachiS recoil SySteM Sierra Bullets he 6.5mm and 7mm versions of the 30-caliber, 165-grain HPbT GameKing are now available for retail sale from Sierra. Just like their 30-caliber cousin, these bullets are ideal for midsized game with standard and magnum calibers. The thicker jacket promotes deep penetration while the skives at the meplat provide reliable expansion. For more info: (800) 223-8799, 6.5MM and 7MM Skived GaMekinGS T T M1911 PiStol MaGazine Metalform Company etalform Company (a division of aTw) is now manufacturing pistol magazines. Metalform’s line of high-quality magazines for the popular M1911 single-action, semi-automatic handguns will now be available to more people than ever. retail customers will now have access to replacement magazines fabricated with Metalform’s rigorous 24-step manufacturing process, which ensures magazine precision, reliability and performance. For more info: (800) 618-3318, M core Stealth Cam tealth Cam has launched their newest and smallest scouting camera, the Core. The Core is equipped with Triad technology, which incorporates three technologies — video, still imagery and time lapse — into one complete package. The video setting is capable of 10, S 20, 30, 60 or 90 seconds of video recording with audio. The 40 infrared emitters, with a range of 50', provide excellent quality pictures at all times of the day. The time/date/moon phase/temperature stamp on video files gives the hunter access to the wildlife habits to provide key information for future, successful hunts. For more info: (877) 269-8490, W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M 81

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