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GUNS Magazine November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 80

ATI dvanced Technology international (aTi), introduces the Saiga Strikeforce elite Package with Scorpion recoil System. The Saiga Strikeforce elite is a 6-position, collapsible, Strikeforce elite Stock with Scorpion recoil System that offers an aluminum buffer tube and a redesigned slim line rear aluminum receiver mount. recoil impact is absorbed by the Scorpion recoil System when shooting anything from a 3" magnum turkey load to a door-breaching load with no pain being transferred to the shooter. The elite Package comes with a non-slip, removable razorback buttpad, an ergonomic, Sure-Grip textured recoil pistol grip and a removable, adjustable cheekrest. other features include a slot for tactical sling attachment, one sling swivel stud and include a steel castle nut, steel locking ring and steel pistol grip bolt. For more info: (800) 925-2522, SaiGa Strikeforce elite PackaGe a Parallax Tactical arallax Tactical of San diego, Calif. is introducing their new 13", free-float rail dubbed the FFSSr (Free Float Super Slim rail). it features four limited-rotation Qd sling swivel sockets located in the front and rear. The rail is a hybrid design, with a quad rail on the front and rear. The rail features a slim 1.5" od at the slimmest section and an id of 1.33". it is available for retail sale and oeM distribution; MSrP $199. For more info: (619) 630-4869, ffSSr P Military-Grade Bore Solvent G96 Products his Military-Grade bore Solvent removes leading, powder residue, and copper fouling from the bore of firearm. The solvent is safe to use on metals and will not cause rust, oxidation, staining, or galvanic corrosion. it could be harmful to some paints, varnishes, and plastics, so do a patch test to make sure there are no bad effects. it is recommended that the firearm be re-treated with G96 Gun Treatment, G96 Gun oil, or G96 Synthetic ClP Gun oil after use. For more info: (973) 6844050, T Benchmade he Contego tactical folder is the ultimate in form and function. it has a reverse tanto blade made of CPM-M4 steel with Cerakote (62-64HrC). The blade has ambidextrous thumb-stud openers and an axiS locking mechanism. The textured and contoured G10 handle is scaled with a stainless steel backspacer. The Contego comes with a reversible deep-carry, tip-up pocket clip and carbide glass breaker. For more info: (800) 800-7427, 810 conteGo T Maxpedition he Maxpedition Tritium Key ring is an excellent way to organize keys and other small items and easily deploy them, using two side-released buckles for easy access. The heavy-duty nylon webbing ensures an additional level of toughness and security that is standard with all Maxpedition products large or small. The Tritium Key ring comes in black, od green, khaki and foliage. For more info: (310) 7680098, 1716 tritiuM key rinG T Cody Range Bags ody range bags are designed for women, by women. Their new pistol clutch is available in six stylish fabrics and features thick padding and a lockable zipper to keep your firearms protected. with a durable cotton shell and nylon lining you won’t have to sacrifice function for style when you hit the range. whether you carry a gun for protection or for sport, you shouldn’t be stuck carrying it in a boring black bag! For more info: (888) 4355855, cody PiStol clutch revenGe C Redfield he revenge line has five riflescope magnifications as well as a scope for crossbow hunting. The new accu-ranger ballistics System is unique; it allows hunters to determine the distance to commonly hunted animals and helps enhance shooting accuracy at longer ranges—out to 600 yards—without you taking your eyes off the target. revenge riflescope magnifications include 2-7x34mm, 3-9x42mm, 3-9x52mm, 4-12x42mm and 6-18x44mm. The 7x34mm abS Crossbow scope comes with the accu-ranger Crossbow reticle. Specific accu-ranger reticles include the Hunter, Sabot, Varmint and Crossbow. other reticle options for revenge riflescopes include the 4-Plex and Fine Plex, depending on model. For more info: (877) 798-9686, T 80 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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