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GUNS Magazine November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 44

oor, m d e e r C m m .5 6 he Chambered for t rifle delivers this target R G N LO John Barsness Photos: Joseph R. Novelozo avage bolt-action rifles enjoy a reputation for accuracy far exceeding their price. One of the primary reasons is the floating bolt-head, allowing the locking lugs a little flexibility when seating in the action recesses. In conventional bolt actions the bolt is a solid unit, and uneven locking-lug seating causes the action to flex during firing, reducing potential accuracy. The only way to remedy this fault is to lap the lugs against their recesses. This costs time and money. The Savage system bypasses any need to lap the lugs, only one of several reasons Savage rifles acquired their accuracy reputation. S The Kruger scope (above) was mounted in a sturdy set of Precision Reflex rings. The Savage bolt release is on the right side of the rifle as expected on the 110 action. The Savage comes with a detachable magazine holding five rounds (below, left ). Note the heavy oversized bolt knob. The Savage has a 3-position safety (below, middle) just behind the bolt atop the tang. The Savage stock features a wide, target fore-end (below, right) with and aluminum bedding block, which Savage calls the AccuStock. The original Savage rifle with the floating bolt-head design appeared in the 1959 Gun Digest. Called the Model 110, it was an “affordable” hunting rifle chambered for the usual suspects including the .243, .270 and .308 Winchesters, plus the .30-06. Over the decades the rifle’s reputation for accuracy grew, along with the number of model variations. Eventually demand rose for target versions, especially after the introduction of their superb Accu-Trigger. Today Savage offers five target models: Bench Rest, F Class, F/TR, Long Range Precision and Palma. The test rifle was a Long Range Precision in the trendy new chambering of 6.5 Creedmoor. Some shooters publicly 44 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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