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GUNS Magazine November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 42

tis already supplies their excellent compact weapons cleaning systems to the military, but as with so many other things, there’s just not enough of ’em. Depending on the issue weapon of your giftee, Otis provides specialty kits for most military weapons, or, they offer systems like this MFg-556-eFect, with everything needed to clean and maintain the M16/M4 family plus the M9 pistol, M249 SAw and more. A feature-loaded gerber eFect weapons multi-tool is included, making this kinda the king of compact cleaning kits! OTIS TeChnOLOgy 6987 LAURA STReeT LyOn FALLS, ny 13368 (800) 684-7486 www.gUnSMAgAzIne.COM/ OTIS-TeChnOLOgy O Otis our fellow GUNS reader Jim Toner of Toner Machining Technologies developed y his super-rugged, O-ring-sealed polymer TMT wallet for military personnel, cops, emergency services and outdoorsmen. It’s packed with features including a pen, tweezers, toothpick, compass, glass breaker, hidden compartments and more. Light and compact, it’s the ideal wallet for harsh conditions. If you order quickly, you can have one laserengraved with name, rank, and service too! tOner Machining technOlOgies TOneR MAChInIng TeChnOLOgIeS P.O. BOx 2876, MORgAnTOn, nC 28680 (828) 432-8007 www.gUnSMAgAzIne.COM/ TOneRMAChInIngTeChnOLOgIeS hether it’s strapping gear to their ruck, their bunk, the outside of a Stryker or organizing contents of a duffel bag, Maxpedition’s Strapgear straps are a huge improvement over rubber bands, bungee cords and tape. Available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" lengths and five colors, their smooth teardrop hooks won’t damage gear, the hooks go into holes along the strap, and they stretch to twice their length. Soft, quiet, springy and durable, they’re eminently useful and sure to be appreciated. MAxPeDITIOn P.O. BOx 5008, PALOS veRDeS, CA 90274 (877) 629-5556, www.gUnSMAgAzIne.COM/MAxPeDITIOn w MaXpeditiOn 42 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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