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GUNS Magazine November 2012 Digital Edition - Page 34

MIKE CUMPSTON ollowing the acquisition of Magnum Research by Kahr Arms and emergence of Israel Weapons Industries as a private entity separate from the government owned Israel Military Industries, the Baby Eagle is again available in the United States. The Baby Eagle is imported in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP with a total of 11 variations on the basic CZ 75-based theme. The line includes full-size pistols, semi-compacts and compact models as well as a choice of metal or polymer frames. Baby Eagles are a variant of the IWI Jericho pistol and while some imported versions of the Jericho have frame-mounted safeties, the Eagles have historically featured slide-mounted, hammerdrop safeties and this remains the case with the current imports. Since the .45 ACP is of particular interest to American shooters, this is the model we chose to review. The .45 is a semi-compact with the only frame option being steel. Basic function is double action first shot and single action thereafter. Applying the safety drops the hammer whereupon the safety remains engaged until released by upward rotation. With the safety engaged, the slide travels freely allowing maximum safety when F The 10-shot compact .45 ACP from Magnum Research. return of the baby eaGLe This was Mike’s best 25-yard “NRA” slow-fire string though imperfect trigger control produced some wide fliers on earlier targets (above). Black Hills delivered this 25-yard benchrest group (below). chambering a round. Since the pistol has an internal passive firingpin block, the half-cock step is supernumerary unless the shooter elects to carry the pistol with the hammer in this position to reduce the length of the initial doubleaction pull. This is a jarring concept to users of traditional Browningtype single actions but, due to the positive, trigger-actuated firing-pin block, it is a viable option. The sample Eagle came with BABy DESERT EAglE ii maKeR: isRael weaPoN iNdustRies P.o. Box 63 Ramat hashRoN 47100 isRael imPoRteR: magNum ReseaRCh, iNC. 12602 33Rd aVe. s.w. PillageR, mN 56473 (508) 635-4273 www.guNsmagaziNe.Com/magNumReseaRCh aCtIon: Locked breech DA/SA semi-auto, CalIBeR: .45 ACP, BaRRel lenGtH: 3.93", CapaCIty: 10+1, WeIGHt: 39.8 ounces, oVeRall lenGtH: 7-3/4", HeIGHt: 5-3/4", sIGHts: Fixed 3-dot, FRaMe & slIde: Carbon steel, FInIsH: Black oxide, RetaIl: $630 The Baby Eagle .45 ACP is a solidly built semi-compact equal to sustained use with +P loads. 34 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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