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GUNS Magazine November 2011 Digital Edition - Page 78

SmartReloader Ammo Box 50 Jeff John his ingenious plastic ammo box T from SmartReloader comes with three stackable trays each with 12, 2" wide x 2-3/4" long x 1-7/8" deep compartments. The center divider running lengthwise is molded in and the other dividers can be pulled out to form larger compartments. The lid has a moisture tight gasket, both lid and clasps have metal pins running through the hinges and the box can be padlocked. The internal volume of the Ammo Box 50 is the same as a military .50 BMG ammo can. All three trays fit my GI Surplus .50 BMG can and are available separately for $5.95 each. A folding tab on either side of the trays facilitates lifting them in or out. The Ammo Box 50 is rated for 70 pounds max and the handle is ergonomically designed to make toting such weight bearable. in the October issue on VIMBAR/ VIMSAR shooting matches featuring vintage bolt action and self-loading rifles. It turns out by removing every other divider, I can store 12 loaded M1 Garand clips (96 rounds) or 24 .303 British or 8x57mm 5-round clips of ammo per tray (120 rounds). In each instance, the ammo does not stick up above the tray and will remain clean, fresh and easily accessible during a match. Another tray could be set up to hold five 1911 magazines in four compartments (20 mags per tray) or three Browning Hi-Power mags. In some cases, the compartment may only be able to hold two hi-cap mags depending on the base plate configuration. Another way to use the trays is to keep a cartridge collection organized. Here, I’ve removed most of the ammo from the plastic bags I keep them in order to show off the versatility of the removable dividers. I use these rounds for reference and being able to keep them compartmentalized will be a boon. Otherwise, I have to dig in the can and sort through the bags to find what I want—which is usually at the bottom. I may have to get a few of these for my cartridge collection as well one for the range. The Ammo Can 50 retails for $29.95 and is available in OD green or Flat Earth. Since it is an airtight “dry box,” be sure to add desiccant. Smartreloader ProductS Helvetica trading uSa, llc 701 lawton rd., cHarlotte, nc 28216 (800) 954-2689 Smart-reloader-mfg wadcutter loading designed to deliver a maximum crush cavity and deep penetration in .45 Colt-chambered revolvers ranging from the 2"-barrel Taurus Titanium through the fullsized single and double actions prized by dedicated revolver shooters. Founder, owner and CEO Tim Sundle’s own Taurus snub delivers a respectable 850 fps. He derives the listed velocity of 1,050 fps from a couple of 5-1/2" single actions. The Buffalo Bore .45 Colt full wadcutter load delivers maximum crush and deep penetration at pressure levels suitable to all mechanically sound firearms chambered for the round. It delivers about the same perceived recoil as a standard 250- or 255-grain loading and hits to the same point of impact. This group fired 2-handed unsupported at 25 yards. Full wadcutter bullets provide optimum performance regardless of intervening barriers that might defeat standard velocity jacketed hollowpoint rounds. Buffalo Bore .45 Colt Mike Cumpston ue diligence and a keen D understanding of what makes bullets work are the hallmarks of The SmartReloader Ammo Can 50 has three stackable trays you can customize to fit a variety of tasks shooters and collectors have for range or storage. Since the trays are stackable, whatever is put in them will be best protected if the contents do not stick up above the trays. The width of the trays are not great enough for a standard box of .38 Special or 9mm ammo. I puzzled over the best way to use the space as I read Duke’s feature 78 Buffalo Bore’s line of personal defense ammunition. A case in point is the standard-pressure .38 Special Lead Hollowpoint. While many hollowpoint bullets are pure window dressing when fired from a 2" barrel, this soft lead, gaschecked bullet delivers profound expansion when fired into any aqueous medium. Across the board, Buffalo Bore selects bullets for optimum performance loaded to standard or +P levels and advertised velocities derive from actual firearms rather than test fixtures. Recently arrived is a standard pressure, low flash 225-grain full My own 5-1/2" Colt Single Action Army put five across the screens at an average of 1,084 fps with a nice, consistent 31 fps spread and 587 ftlbs of energy 10' off the muzzle. Given the expense of premium defensive ammunition, it is a much-appreciated benefit when the selected ammunition recoils the same and hits to the same point of impact as less expensive practice ammunition. With this in mind, I fired a couple of groups at 25 yards—one from a 2-hand hold and the other 1-handed as is my usual practice with the Colt Single Action. The AntiPersonnel load grouped as tightly as my 250-grain 850 fps standard loads and hit to the same point of impact. Buffalo Bore ammunition P.o. Box 1480 St. ignatiuS, mt 59865 (406) 745-2666 Buffalo-Bore-ammunition WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER 2011

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