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GUNS Magazine November 2011 Digital Edition - Page 38

Our Caps Will NOT Scratch Your Scope Or Rust Original Webley revolvers are fun to shoot and collect, such as this 1896 Webley Green, an officer’s private purchase retailed through the Army & navy Co-operative Society Ltd and its Sam Brown holster and belt. Dies, brass and ammo are available through Graf & Sons, and the correct bullets are available from huntington Die Specialties. has taken Weaver® style rings to new heights and new lengths KWIK-SITE • JEff JOhN • Q: .45 ACP Webley I am thinking of buying a Webley revolver converted from .455 to .45 ACP. The ads usually mention using half-moon clips with these conversions. Will full-moon clips also work? Any problems I should look for when inspecting one of these revolvers? Duane Starr via e-mail It’s best to buy a Webley made A: in the 20th Century if it’s been converted to .45 ACP (usually Mk IV, V and VI, the Mk VI is the 6"-barreled version, the others have 4" barrels). It was never a great idea because the .45 ACP is a higher-pressure round than the .455 Webley, but if you stick to cast bullet handloads at moderate velocity (something like a 230-grain lead bullet at 700-750 fps) you’ll not have any problems, except for a bit of leading (the .45 ACP uses bullets of .451" and the .455 uses .455" bullets). A 250-grain .45 Colt bullet sized .454" in .45 ACP, or .45 Auto Rim brass loaded to about 600 to 650 fps should shoot to the sights better than the lighter bullets. The use of Auto Rim brass means you won’t need halfor full-moon clips. As for choosing one, look over the conversion to see if it was done well. Many were converted by local gunsmiths, so all can be a little different. The cylinder needs to have been turned on a lathe. Don’t buy one if the recoil shield has been modified, or if the barrel-to-frame fit is loose. You might put six A-Zoom dummies in a full-moon clip and see if it works before buying. Full-moon clips worked fine in a MK IV I once owned. However, don’t be turned off by a .455. A Webley in original condition is much more collectible and will appreciate in value if you take care of it. New ammo and brass is available from Fiocchi and Hornady and Lee makes affordable dies (through Graf & Sons). A mold for the original 265-grain hollowbase bullet is available from RCBS. The correct bullet, cast and dry-lubed is available from Huntington Die Spec. For general plinking the 250-grain .454" Colt-style bullet works just as well in .455 brass, although it doesn’t look quite as “right.” Be sure and order the No. 51 Hornady shellholder with the Lee dies as it is designed for the .455’s thin rim and makes priming much easier. GRAF & SONS, INC. (LEE DIES, HORNADY AMMO) 4050 S. CLARk MEXICO, MO 65265 (573) 581-2266 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/ GRAF-SONS-INC HUNTINGTON DIE SPECIALTIES 1180 ORO DAM BLVD. OROVILLE, CA 95965 (866) 735-6237 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/ HUNTINGTON-DIE-SPECIALTIES RCBS 605 ORO DAM BLVD. OROVILLE, CA 95965 (800) 533-5000 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM/RCBS Leading U.S. Manufacturer of Scope Mounts Since 1967 Due to the volume of mail received, GUNS cannot offer a personal reply. Please e-mail your question to or snail mail to: GUNS Q&A, 12345 World Trade Dr., San Diego, CA 92128 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER 2011 38

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