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GUNS Magazine November 2010 - Page 86

• JuStIN CARROll • MagPUl PMags and aCs stoCK f you’ve considered building or customizing an AR-15 within I the last few years, chances are good you’ve noticed Magpul Industries. Magpul makes a number of innovative parts for the AR-15, many being a fresh approach to an old idea. Two products that exemplify this spirit of innovation are the Adaptable Carbine/ Storage (ACS) stock and the PMAG (short for Polymer MAGagzine). The Adaptable Carbine/Storage stock is the latest in Magpul’s growing line of telescoping carbine stocks. Several things about this stock make it stand out from the crowd. Overall, the stock is extremely streamlined; all the edges are rounded and there are no sharp corners to snag on clothing or equipment. The ACS’s release latch is shielded to prevent inadvertent stock collapse, yet is still easily activated, and features Magpul’s unique “friction lock.” The friction lock sits just forward of the release latch and eliminates the shakiness of the stock on the buffer tube. Another virtue of the ACS stock is the wide comb, which provides an excellent platform for a solid cheekweld. What really sets the ACS apart, though, is the on-board storage. My favorite feature on the ACS stock, and one nearly unique to stocks of this type, is the compartment found on the right-hand side. The storage compartment opens easily and is surprisingly capacious. This compartment can be used to store a variety of useful items (a miniature survival kit or a small emergency maintenance kit are ideas that appeal to me). Additionally, there are two tube-shaped compartments below the comb, each holding two AA or three CR123 batteries. This allows the stock to contain everything needed to keep the gun and accessories up and running. The ACS stock is available to fit mil-spec buffer tubes. Few would have suspected a company would come along and thoroughly update something that already worked as well as the M16/ AR-15 magazine. That’s exactly what Magpul has done with the PMAG, though. The PMAG is aesthetically pleasing, but offers more than just a sexy new look. First, the polymer body of the magazine is textured to provide a firm grip. The use of polymer also allows the PMAG to be made in a variety of colors; it is currently available in black, foliage green, OD green and Magpul’s Flat Dark Earth. Next, the PMAG is exceedingly simple to disassemble—much more The standard PMAG (center) and MagLevel are both in Flat Dark Earth. The MagLevel in front is equipped with the supplied “impact cover” in place. The ACS’s stock has a rather large storage compartment for spare parts or even a small survival kit. Like PMAGs, the ACS is available in black, Flat Dark Earth, OD green and foliage green. Justin’s ACS-equipped AR-15 feeds from a PMAG 30 MagLevel in Flat Dark Earth. PMAGs are textured and have a flared base to provide a very solid grip during reloads. so than aluminum GI mags. Finally, and most importantly, the PMAG is utterly reliable. I have used PMAGs a great deal in harsh conditions and they never fail to perform. In addition to the standard PMAG, the MagLevel is also available. The MagLevel offers all of the features of the standard PMAG, plus a roundcount window. The window is a vertical strip of clear polymer molded into the magazine’s body, allowing you to quickly check the remaining ammunition—like witness holes in a pistol magazine. All PMAGs are supplied with an “impact cover” that snaps over the top of the magazine. In addition to protecting the ammunition from dirt and debris, they take the pressure off of the feed lips. PMAGs are compatible with stripper clips, and are available in 20-round versions. Neither the telescoping stock nor the removable box magazines are new ideas, but Magpul has breathed new life into both with the ACS and the PMAG. Both are rugged, reliable, and look good, too. MagPUl indUstries P.o. box 17697, boUlder, Co 80308 (877) 462-4785, www.MagPUl.CoM 86 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER 2010

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