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GUNS Magazine November 2010 - Page 74

RIGHTS WATCH • DAVID CODREA • UK Mass shooting shows FUtility oF “gUn Control.” welve people have been killed and another 25 wounded after a gunman drove across Cumbria shooting victims in several different locations, before taking his own life,” the UK’s Guardian reported. “Police said they were investigating 30 separate crime scenes after taxi driver Derrick Bird… embarked upon an apparently random shooting spree.” Police could do nothing but follow desperate calls for help during a 3-hour manhunt that only ended when the killer took his own life. None victims were able to defend GUNS Ad (Nov2010Issue)_Layout 1 7/29/10 3:39of PMthe Page 1 themselves, because the government there does not allow subjects to carry firearms for self-defense. In a synopsis of “Britain’s gun laws,” Telegraph UK admits “British gun laws are among the world’s toughest. '' '' “Semi-automatic and pumpaction centrefire rifles were banned… Handguns were outlawed in Britain in 1997 and some 160,000 were surrendered to police. Even Britain’s Olympic shooters fall under this ban, meaning the pistol-shooting team must train outside the country.” Watch this The result? exciting DVD and see video “Cumbria saw gun crime virtually clips from over 71 different double in 2009….” courses! Besides, the killer had jumped through all the licensing hoops. AGI BBC News tells us “Cumbria Police recovered a shotgun and .22 rifle with telescopic sight and have since FREE Sampler DVD confirmed that Bird was licensed to own both weapons.” and Catalog Of: “The Government will do Firearm Disassembly & Reassembly, everything it possibly can to help the Gun Repair, Accurizing, Customizing, local community and those affected,” Tuning, Refinishing, Bluing, Prime Minister David Cameron Shooting Techniques, Trigger Jobs, pledged to the House of Commons. Lathe and Mill Operation, Welding, Like what? and so much more . . . We’re told “Cumbria shooting offers For Your FREE DVD go to: no lessons for the future” by mediaauthorities like Professor recognized Nigel Eastman in his Telegraph UK or call us today at 1-800-797-0867 analysis of the shootings. Thus, “Crucially they are both AGI AMERICAN GUNSMITHING INSTITUTE “t FREE Gunsmithing How-To V I D E O DVD FREE DVD Discover gunsmithing secrets and get access to the information and knowledge you need! AMERICAN GUNSMITHING INSTITUTE Serial #0310VIDSAM VERSION 2.0 ©Copyright AGI 2010. All rights reserved. No part of this video may be copied, reproduced or transmitted for any reason without the written permission of the copyright holder. unpredictable and unpreventable,” he states. Perhaps. But they’re not unstoppable, unless the victims are powerless to do anything but flee, hide or be cut down. There are no “lessons for the future” in that? To his credit, Prof. Eastman recounts that after past shootings, “proposals were put forward that doctors, psychiatrists, even GPs, should be responsible for ‘accrediting’ individuals to hold a gun license, based upon assessment of their mental health status. Not only was this medically misplaced, it was a proposal that was highly unlikely to prevent any such future massacre. Gun laws should be debated, but not on the back of an event.” The government appears sensitive to the fact that more restrictions may not be the way to go. Ceding that the UK has some of the “toughest” firearms laws in the world, PM Cameron cautioned, “We shouldn’t make any knee-jerk reaction to think that there is some instant legislative or regulatory answer. You can’t legislate to stop a switch flicking in someone’s head and for this dreadful sort of action to take place.” Unfortunately for “law-abiding” subjects of the Crown, an observable truth was articulated in a press release by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms: “[The] mass shooting in northwest England is more proof that restrictive gun laws do not prevent horrible criminal acts.” And while the Cumbria horror may not result in further bans, neither will it result in rollbacks of existing ones. And people will remain defenseless. Visit David Codrea’s online journal “The War on Guns” at or visit to read his Examiner column. 74 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER 2010

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