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GUNS Magazine November 2010 - Page 44

’ve been in both positions—the grunt perched on a rock half the I world away from home opening a Christmas package, and the guy on the home front, wrapping the gift and imagining the look on the recipient’s face—and I swear, I don’t know which one feels better… Too, I don’t know which is more soul-satisfying when you’re deployed—to get a thoughtful gift from a friend or family member, or receiving a Christmas surprise from a complete stranger; a patriotic American who really cares. Whether you’ve got loved ones on your list or you just want to enrich the holidays for one of our troops in the field, we’ve got some great suggestions for you here. And don’t forget to line packages with books, magazines (like GUNS, maybe?) unscented lotions, gum, playing cards, eye drops and other goodies, OK? Just a reminder: The USO—United Service Organizations—has several great programs for our troops overseas, like Operation Phone Home, which delivers prepaid calling cards so our personnel can call their families back home. If you’d like to send one with a thank-you message, or donate to support their entertainment tours, “cyber –cafés” which provide troops with internet/e-mail access, go to or call (888) 484-3876. If you want to do something truly meaningful on the home front, go to, (800) 722-6098. This organization, mostly volunteers, provides much-needed emergency financial and other assistance to our deployed warriors’ families when they need it most. You can give money, volunteer time or both. It’s a fairly new outfit, but now has chapters across the US, and has filled more than 257,000 needs! Your name would look nice on the signature line and a hard-pressed Soldier would thank you for being able to talk with home for just a little bit. The USO, best known for their entertainment tours, also provides free phone cards to our troops—with your personal thanks for their service. Tank-tough and built for battle, Grayman Knives are highly regarded by our troops. The Warrior, top, is a favorite fighting and utility knife. One soldier’s life was recently saved by his Suenami, shown in two sizes here, when his vehicle overturned and his crew chief used it cut him free of the wreckage. Up to 15 letters of engraving is free, and orders for military personnel take priority. Grayman Knives, P.O. Box 50, PMB 132, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352, 44 Grayman Tops Knives Here’s a pair of combat cutters any Marine would be proud to own: the folding CQT 303 and the big fixedblade Marine Heat, both from TOPS Knives. The 303’s 3.25" blade is black nickel boride coated 154CM, and the Heat’s hefty 6.5" blade is 1095 carbon alloy steel. See them at, (208) 542-0113. WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • NOVEMBER 2010

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