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John Taffin NigHTHAWk Photos: Joseph R. Novelozo ighthawk Custom is a relatively CusTOM’s 1911 Nnew company when it comes to the production of 1911s. they may be but 10MM LONgsLidE. they are certainly notNew lacking in experience and when it comes to quality and precision they are right up there with the best of them. Experience is not only provided by a staff of 45 but also by being connected with such respected names when it comes to 1911s as Richard Heinie and Bob Marvel. Both of these men provide training for the gunsmiths at Nighthawk. Heinie not only designed the Nighthawk Longslide which is the subject of these words but also has many of his pistols built by Nighthawk under his guidance. When he first saw the results of the craftsmanship built into 1911s by Nighthawk he approached them to build 1911s for him. That speaks highly of the quality of Nighthawk Custom semi-automatics. The first thing I do with most test guns is call my friend Denis to come and look at it. Denis is a retired engineer with a critical eye and a machine shop set up in his garage. He has built such things for me as a custom crimping die for the Smith & Wesson .44 American cartridge which uses a heeled bullet; a super heavy duty, fully adjustable The magazine well is slightly beveled to aid insertion of spare mags (above). Note the frontstrap is finely checkered at 25 lpi. All of the edges on the Longslide have been gently broken (below), so no part of the pistol will be hard on gear. A fully adjustable rear sight has twin yellow tritium inserts. Even the usual sharp corners at the top of the sight have been broken. The 1911 slide extends another inch beyond the frame of the Heinie Longslide. Note the machined undercut of the slide precisely joins with the end of the frame. 44 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

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