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GUNS Magazine October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 80

U.S. Optics is a small and growing firm building some of the best allAmerican made scopes extant. They offer so many options of scopes that essentially, each is custom-made to your needs and specifications. I found the SN-4S to be fast, solid, clear and JOHN CONNOR COMBAT OPTICS AND SIGhTS K, you’ve invested in a high quality rifle and realize o actually hitting anything with it quickly and surely can be a challenge. Check out some of the scopes and other gear to make your task easier, and add a little more fun into your shooting experience. The details of each of these “Masters of Middle-earth” scopes would require an article of their own, so you’ve still got some homework to do. All three are eminently qualified for snap-shooting at across-the-alley distance to precision shot placements out to more than 400 meters; kind of the utility fielders of combat optics. The Rapid Reticle Illuminated by Pride-Fowler Inc. boasts crystalclear brightness and one of the fastest reticles ever devised. Calibrated for both 5.56mm and .308 Win, it virtually eliminates manual adjustments for range and windage to 10 mph, and its 3-sided boxes, enclosing about 9 pounds—the size of a human head— make range estimation fast and easy. Quality is superior and handling is simple under stress. Leupold’s Mark 4 CQ/T has a cult-like following among some serious operators, especially those who splash around in salt water. Its bright, gold, circle-and-dot reticle shows up brilliantly against virtually any background. The integral 1913 rail sections allow mounting accessories like an IR illuminator, or a LaserMax Uni-Max Green laser. Combattough and heavily sealed, it is a picky professional’s dream optic. 80 Streamlight’s TLR-VIR (above) combines visible and IR illumination, while the OTS-17 (below), by ATN, is a high-tech, multi-role thermal imager. The variable-power Rapid Reticle 1-4x24 Illuminated (top) is easy and quick to see with and use. Leupold’s Mark 4 CQ/T 1-3x14mm (middle) has generated a solid following, especially since it has its own integral M1913 rails. The SN-4S (bottom) is a 1-4x30mm scope by U.S. Optics; Connor found it solid, clear and easy to use. very easy to operate with gloved hands in the deep cold. I highly recommend checking out their lineup; just don’t be overwhelmed with all your choices. Sometimes you need light, and sometimes you need “dark light.” The new TLR-VIR weapon-mountable unit from Streamlight combines a 160-lumen visible white light with an IR illuminator delivering 1,000 mW/sr radiant intensity, effectively replacing two larger units with one compact package. A 3-position toggle selects visible light, safe-OFF, and IR illumination; an ambidextrous paddle switch selects constant-on or momentary modes. A double-tap on the paddle activates a disorienting strobe function in white-light. ATN’s new OTS-17 is an incredibly sophisticated and effective thermal imaging system, which in many ways far outperforms conventional night vision devices. Compact and lightweight, it provides excellent visual imagery through fog, total darkness, smoke and most visual obscurants. Neither camouflage nor bright lights effect its sensitivity. The physics of the system are complex, but operation is fairly simple. And the OTS-17 can be used WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • OCTOBER 2011

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