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GUNS Magazine October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 22

• M I k E “ d U k E ” v E N T U R I N O • P h O T O S : y v O N N E v E N T U R I N O • o would likely cure that. So, I mixed up a glass bedding kit on Yvonne’s antique oak dining room table. The first disaster came when the mixture bled through the paper towels I put down to protect the table. That resulted in paper glued to it. Even today when eating on that table I try to cover the ccasionally, I’ll meet an old acquaintance at the post spot with my plate so she won’t see it office, bank, or wherever and they will ask, “do you and get mad again. The second disaster still work on guns for a living?” emphatically, I reply came after my bedding job was done. “No! I write about guns for a living.” I’m emphatic about The Remington’s barreled action was this matter for good reason. I have learned through hard firmly glued into the stock, although, I still swear I swabbed release agent and expensive lessons that I should never, ever, work on every metal part before (literally) on guns: anyone’s or mine. when I have, a disaster is sticking things back together. The rifle generally the result. did shoot better and, being honest, I told the fellow it was eventually sold to Oh, I can certainly dismount most more windshield washer fluid in our about what I had done. guns far enough to clean, although, mini-van, but halfway through the More recently, I super glued the I’m not famous for scrupulously clean gallon jug realized I was putting it in adjustment screw for the double set firearms. But, I can take things like my the radiator overflow container! triggers on one of my Shiloh Sharps M1 Carbines apart for a scrubbing The first time I decided to “work” rifles in place. What I needed was when they get dirty enough to cease on a firearm was when I tried to put a Loctite, but Wal-Mart was out so I functioning. I can even change broken 7-1/2" .45 Colt barrel from Christy Gun figured, “super glue would suffice.” I springs in Colt SAAs. However, I once Works on a 1880s vintage Colt SAA. I put a drop on the screw, stuck it in its took a Ruger New Model Blackhawk made such a mess of it that only the threaded hole, but when I went to turn apart and spent an entire afternoon efforts of a good Montana gunsmith it where desired it snapped off. That putting it back together. Back in the saved it from a total savaging. stuff really does dry fast! ’70s, I took apart a Smith Luckily, my friend Tom & Wesson Model 27 .357 Sargis lives about a 5-minute Magnum. Somewhere drive from me. I took my around here I still have the Sharps to him. He drilled out one part that was left out the broken screw, retapped when it was reassembled. the treads and fitted another The gun worked OK screw. All while I watched so I didn’t worry about with a proper hangdog it much, but after that expression on my face. He continued to happen, I did mumble something about ceased dismantling guns. “… some people shouldn’t be My problem is I have allowed to buy super glue.” just about no small motor My most recent fubar skills with my hands. In came with a World War college, a fellow dorm II, Japanese Nambu, Type resident decided to try 14 pistol. It came at a very to teach me to play the reasonable price in very fine guitar one evening. After a Firing pins on Japanese Type 14 Nambu pistols are drop in items but in condition except its firing short while he took it away doing so, Duke managed to stretch one of its springs from its original pin was broken. Through the from me saying something 1-1/4" length to about 4". Internet I found a fellow that about hopelessly stiff sells parts and even re-pins fingers. Also, I have no intuitive When I got into varmint shooting in Nambu firing pins. Type 14 firing pins mechanical ability. It’s always a my early years as a Montana resident, were evidently known for breaking wonder to me how mechanical things a nice Remington Model 700 .25-06 because the Japanese issued a spare work. The first time I changed my own with a varmint-weight barrel came my one with each pistol, and the issue oil in my pickup, the oil ran out onto way. That rifle showed a tendency to holster even has a slot for storing it. the ground because I forgot to put the string shots vertically, and everything For that reason they aren’t too hard to plug back in. Just the other day I put I read said glass bedding the action take out. I managed to get mine out It’s better for all of us — really. Why I dON’T WORk ON GUNS 22 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • OCTOBER 2011

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