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GUNS Magazine October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 84

For more information on seeing your product featured in New Products, Contact: Andrew Oram (866) 903-1199. For more New Products visit us online at neW PRoDuCTS PARTIAL EcLIPSE HOLSTER BLADE-TECH his holster is a new twist on an old favorite. with an open muzzle design, it’s perfect for those that carry multiple barrel lengths of the same gun. The partial eclipse holster is thermal formed with quality retention built-in. it comes with a solid molded sight ramp that will not collapse and drag or hinder the draw of the pistol. For increased safety, it provides full coverage of the triggerguard. Because of its minimalist design, it dramatically reduces firearm printing. Blade-Tech, (877) 331-5793, T GUN LEATHER PURDY GEAR his 2-1/2" guitar strap features a one of a kind hand-made stamp dating circa 1910 or 1920. The hand-carved, tancolored interior design is separated from the border by a hand-cut bead. Tooling is based on a holster designed for roy huntington. purdy gear, (706) 692-5536, T cARNIVORE GROUND BLIND AMERISTEP his blind features Ameristep’s exclusive polycotton outer shell for reduced noise and sheen. The heavy duty Spider hub Technology combined with solid glass rod framework creates the ultimate in durability from the inside out for fast and easy setup and takedown. The Carnivore’s exterior is uv protected providing greater concealment and longer life in the field. it retails for $399.99. Ameristep, (810) 686-4035, www.gunsmagazine. com/ameristep T FIREARM cLEANER VELOCITY WIPES his non-toxic, non-abrasive, odorless wipe can be used to clean the inside and outside of all firearms. This pre-saturated wipe makes cleaning your firearms quick and easy. Also, it is biodegradable and ecofriendly. velocity wipes, (804) 350-0200, T DIGISIGHT NIGHT VISION RIFLEScOPE PULSAR he pulsar Digisight Nv 550 is manufactured with digital technology that enables this riflescope to function in daylight as well as at night. its large, upgradeable metal platform is lightweight and perfect for any rifle type, and features digital crosshairs. Because of that, you have the unique option to change crosshairs quickly. T Just download the digital crosshairs and you are set for any situation. with video output capability the entire excursion can be recorded. it has a 1-shot zeroing system so ammo is not wasted when sighting in scopes. with a built-in ir illuminator and bottom mount weaver rail, the Digisight can be easily moved or removed from the rifle when needed. pulsar, (972) 432-2444, WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • OCTOBER 2011 84

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