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GUNS Magazine October 2011 Digital Edition - Page 66

• P A T C O V E R T • A new novel by Matt Bracken, author of the “Enemies” trilogy. Former Marine sniper Dan Kilmer lives outside a corrupt, third-world America, until a short-fuse rescue mission forces him to return to Florida under the official radar. Mantis Knives’ stubby MT tacticals are long on looks. hort, stubby knives, or “runts,” have been all the rage S in tactical knife circles lately. So it was only a matter of time before Jared West, founder of Mantis Knives, added his futuristic thinking to the fray. West built Mantis by filling a void in the tactical knife market, offering designs with youthful, “hi-tech” appeal, and building his customer base through the Internet. Mantis’ techno-runts come in two models: The MT-9 sporting a wicked clipped Wharncliff blade, and the MT9r dressed out in a more traditional drop point. The blades are 2.5" in length and roll out via ambidextrous radiused cutouts just fore of their spines, which also incorporate notching for added purchase. Blade steel is 440-V stainless and lockup is provided by a sturdy line-lock mechanism inside the handle. The handles (identical on both knives) are pure Mantis. The scales, made from machined, black, G10 composite, are MaKer: ManTIS KnIveS 1580 n. HarMony CIr. anaHeIM, Ca 92807 (714) 701-9136 WWW.gunSMagazIne.CoM/ ManTIS-KnIveS TEChNO-RUNT DUO Available at Amazon and on Kindle. To read 100 pages of Castigo Cay or to order signed copies, go to: Mantis Knives beams up a pair of robotic runts here. On the top is the MT-9r drop point, at bottom the straight-edged MT-9. MT-9 & MT-9R BlADE MATERIAl: 440-V stainless steel BlADE lENGTh: OVERAll lENGTh: WEIGhT: 2.5" 5.25" Machined G10 Pocket clip $65 (black) PRICE: CARRy: hANDlE: 5 ounces a bionic blend of channels and angles. Milled cutouts (which actually serve as index finger and palm grooves) and bright red anodized pivots reinforce the futuristic character of the handles. The MT’s pocket clips can be mounted on the front or backside (see photo) for right- or left-hand carry. In true runt fashion, the Mantis MT folders are overbuilt. The blades are made of thick .18" (3/16") thick steel and handles are a full 1/2" thick. All this in a package only 5.25" fully opened. Think of a Mantis MT as a knife with the guts of a sturdy tactical folder that fits in the palm of your hand. The price is right on these cool little meanies — only 65 clams! If you like tricked out handguns, this is your knife! 66 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • OCTOBER 2011

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