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GUNS Magazine October 2010 - Page 66

I and you should think of “generations” in terms of increasing effective range. But performance is much better than the original Gen-1 devices like the old “Starlight” ‘scopes of the Vietnam era, due to better electronic technology. The Night Cougar has a detection range of 150 yards and recognition range of 100 yards. It’s night cougAR nVd a “total darkness” NVD at short range—many are not— thanks to an John Connor on-demand IR illuminator, and range of focus is 1 meter to infinity. f you’re interested in trying the The housing is fiberglass reinforced world of NVDs—night vision plastic and weather resistant. It features devices—and you don’t have several simple push-button digital controls, thousand bucks layin’ around, ATN’s and the front lens system is a fast, Night Cougar might be h i g h - re s o l u t i o n a great entry-level choice F1.4, 35mm setup. for you. All six optic First, they list for only elements are multi$569; second, they’re coated glass. Focus binocular, which means is manual, and the you’ll get better depth diopter adjustment perception than singlecan tune it for your lens types. And although The Night Cougar is an affordable entry- eyes. Runtime on they’re called “goggles,” level Gen 1 night vision device. a single lithium they can be used either CR123 battery handheld, just like conventional field is 10 to 20 hours depending on glasses, or are “hands-free” by using use of the IR illuminator. Forget a the included comfortable headmount. 2-semester course on operation: The The unit weighs only 1.75 pounds, so Night Cougar is very easy to set up it’s not like wearing a brick. and operate. This is a “Generation 1” device, Simple, relatively inexpensive and capable, this is a good “starter” device, and one which will continue to serve you well even after you predictably step up a generation or two. AmeRicAn technologieS netwoRK coRp. 1341 SAn mAteo AVe. South SAn FRAnciSco, cA 94080 (800) 910-2862, bAdlAndS pAcKS Justin Carroll ew companies manufacture F hunting backpacks benefiting from the same technology that goes into hiking, climbing and backpacking gear. One notable exception is Badlands Packs. Initially designing and making mountaineering gear, Badlands recognized the need for updated hunting packs and the result is a line of extremely modern backpacks, designed for hunters. I recently had the opportunity to try out the Badlands 2200 daypack, and was immediately impressed with the pack’s quality of construction. The pack body is made of an extremely rugged, water-resistant fabric. All seams are double stitched and stress points are reinforced with nearly colt ® is a licensed trademark of new colt holding corp. ire] f m i r k [ the bl ac goes rifle tic . 2 2 ta c fir al rim nth of the e M4 geoMet an ry, weight . aMMun d controls ition at a te price. colt2 2r imfire .c om 66 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • OCTOBER 2010

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