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GUNS Magazine October 2010 - Page 30

• PAT COvERT • Bob Dozier’s new folder is a winner afield. rkansas knifemaker Bob dozier is well known for his rock-solid A sporting and tactical, fixed-blade knives, but his folding knives tend to get buried under the thunder of his more than brisk straight UTiLiTY HUnTER MAkER: BoB DoziER kniVES p.o. Box 1941 SpRinGDALE, AR 72765 (479) 756-0023 www.DoziERkniVES.CoM TYpE: Folding liner lock BLADE STYLE: Drop point BLADE MATERiAL: D2 BLADE LEnGTH: 3-3/4" oVERALL LEnGTH (CLoSED): 4-3/4" wEiGHT: 5 ounces SCALES: Linen Micarta SHEATH: Cordura pRiCE: $500 UTiLiTY HUnTER knife sales. One reason is he simply doesn’t make nearly as many folding knives as fixed blades, and in a cutlery industry burgeoning with folders it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. The knifemaker’s reputation is for making “hell bent for leather” working knives and his newly released Utility Hunter model doesn’t disappoint. Two things struck me when I initially handled Dozier’s new liner-lock folder. First off, this knife is ample in size. The handle is 4.75" long, a size those with large mitts will find accommodating. Secondly, the sculpted handle is very clean and simple in design without a lot of the twists and turns festooning many folders today. A couple of other things stood out upon closer inspection. When the blade is opened, a ramp on the backside of the blade rolls out to form a very natural thumb guard that mimics the finger guard on the front handle topside. Consequently, there is more than average finger protection and gripping power than found on many folders. Another thing that struck me is the beefy frame liners, .085" to be exact, which not only makes for a pretty stout knife, but also increases the strength of the liner-lock mechanism, therefore decreasing the chance of failure. The blade rolls out using a thumb stud facilitated by a machined groove and détente in the upper front portion of the handle scale. Blade Design Complimenting the simple handle design is a deep-bellied 3.75" droppoint blade (3.5" cutting edge) that puts the overall length of the knife at 8.5" fully extended. The drop-point blade (.150" thick) is the most popular design among hunters due its snagfree shape when turned upside down for skinning. The deep hollow grind on the blade enhances the knife’s slicing ease and ability to make deeper cuts. Dozier is a huge proponent of D2 steel and is almost singularly responsible for the cult following this enigmatic alloy steel has today. Technically speaking, D2 has enough chromium content to qualify as a stainless steel, but its carbon content is too high to classify it as such. What you end up with is a steel with excellent resistance to corrosion and high edge retention without sacrificing ease of sharpening. Other features on the Utility Hunter include Torx screw construction (for thicktitaniumlinersmakeforarock-solid folderandvault-likebladelock-up(above). userscaneitherusetheclipforpocketcarry ortheballisticnylonbeltsheathincluded withtheknife.theutilityHunter’sD2steel blade(below)ateropeandcarvedseasoned hardwoodwithgusto.thissuperior“working steel”ripsthroughanythinginitsway,yet stillofferseaseinsharpening. Dozieroffershisnewfolderintwostyles,thecombatreadyutilitytactical(topknife)andthe jack-of-all-tradesutilityHunter(bottomknife).Youcanseethedifferencebetweentheblade stylesofDozier’snewfolder.thetacticalbladehasadoublegrind,whiletheutilityHunter (bottomknife)hasaskinningandfieldfriendlydeep-bellieddroppoint. 30 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • OCTOBER 2010

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