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GUNS Magazine September 2012 Digital Edition - Page 75

JKL, LLC he jkL mobile Gun Vise is designed to make cleaning, building or maintaining your ar-15 easier. this all-american-made gun vise can adapt to any configuration you might need for holding and securing the parts of your ar-15 as you work on it. the 6061 aluminum and hDPe plastic makes for a solid construction that will last. the mobile Gun Vise can be purchased as a complete assembly package, or as individual fixtures. Complete assembly retails for $365. jkL, LLC, (269) 795-4077, www. MOBILE GUN VISE If you would like your product featured in GUNS Magazine’s New Products, Contact: Jason Moreau (866) 903-1199. For more New Products visit us online at t PAN-OSTON he war Dog Safe is the high-quality american manufactured, low profile gun safe that’s designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards and conceived to fit under a bed or any other discrete location. its revolutionary sleek shape also fits into most standard closets, where it’s easly stackable, as well in the back of most vehicles. Not only does it provide the security found in highend upright safes, thanks to the unique size and biometric entry system of the war Dog Safe, shooters have access to guns, valuables and keepsakes in a moment’s notice. Pan-Oston, (866) 659-0713, WAR DOG SAFE t TAC-50 A1-R2 MCMILLAN cmillan GUN TOOL SYSTEMS leaning handguns can get messy once the bore brush exits the chamber, but now redi-Bore protects the rifling, crown and all the precision surfaces of semi-automatic handgun barrels. this new, patented cleaning system provides shooters with confidence, maintained accuracy and safety. redi-Bore prevents damage by completely eliminating the possibility of the cleaning rod touching your weapon. the design completely controls and collects contaminated fluids and debris. Feel great about your cleaning method. Protect your skin, your clothing, your surroundings and your investment. Gun tool Systems, (619) 804-1460, gun-tool-systems REDI-BORE C m introduces a new hydraulic recoil mitigation system for the taC-50 a1-r2. the new rifle system reduces the peak recoil from the .50 BmG cartridge by approximately 90 percent. the heart of the rifle’s recoil mitigation system is a proprietary hydraulic piston in the buttstock. the sensation for the shooter is that of a long push, rather than a violent punch. mcmillan, (623) 582-9635, mcmillan-group-international LESOCOM COLT olt Defense is offering a rifle to law enforcement and civilian shooters as close as possible in configuration to the m4a1 military carbine. the rifle is ideal for any law enforcement officer, marksman or hunter looking for a firearm that is most similar to what is used by the military. what differentiates the LeSOCOm from the m4a1 platform currently used by the US armed Forces is the LeSOCOm’s longer barrel length and semi-automatic fire controls. the barrel is 16.1" long, and has a rifling twist of 1:7". with the stock extended, this m4 carbine has an overall length of 35". the LeSOCOm is chambered for .223 rem (5.56x45mm NatO) and comes with two 30-round Colt magazines. Colt, (800) 241-2485, C NATIONAL EMBLEM, INC. ational emblem, inc. can design and produce custom patches and emblems for companies large and small. they can offer the services that make emblem creation quick, easy and economical. if you do not already have a design in mind, their staff of experienced artists can design a custom emblem to fit your company or event. they’ll then build a sample as per order specifications quickly. the logo’s stitch quality is controlled from the start to finish. National emblem, inc., (800) 877-6185, national-emblem EMBROIDERED EMBLEMS N W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M 75

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