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GUNS Magazine September 2012 Digital Edition - Page 36

I John Taffin n the waning years of the last century I would not have even taken a second look at Ruger’s latest .22 semiautomatic pistol, the SR22. However, the fact I not only have looked at it but also embraced it heartily is proof positive a dinosaur can not only change his spots he can learn new tricks. (There is a limit to my modernization; I haven’t succumbed, nor do I intend to, to Facebook.) It took me a while to warm up to polymer-framed pistols but once I tried them I found I actually like them. Not to worry. My sixgunnin’ heart still contains the same large section for blue steel sixguns but my waist isn’t the only thing growing larger in my old age. My heart has also expanded to provide a chamber for black polymer pistols. This new Ruger looks nothing like the original Ruger Red Eagle .22 from 1949. It is instead a thoroughly up-to-date, lightweight, flawlessly functioning, easy-to-carry 21st-century Kit Gun. For those not familiar with the term “Kit Gun” it harkens back to WWI and a soldier’s kit bag which carried all his necessities. Generations earlier it would have been called a “possibles” bag. In between the wars Smith & Wesson brought out the first .22 Kit Gun a small-framed revolver which would fit easily in a pack or tackle box. Now nearly a century later, Ruger has thoroughly modernized the Kit Gun concept with this polymer-framed semi-automatic .22. It fits easily in a pack, the top of a tackle box, under the seat of the truck, or even in a holster such as that custom crafted for me by John found shooting the Ruger SR22 to be pure pleasure. The little self-loader redefines “kit gun.” Targets shot with the Ruger SR22 show the little gun capable of fine accuracy. The holster is by Zack Davis, probably the first leather maker to offer a holster for the Ruger SR22. Zack Davis. As far as I know Zack’s shop, Davis Leather, is the first to offer holsters for the Ruger SR22. Holster making is a 3-pronged stool requiring design, material, and craftsmanship. If any one of these is lacking or deficient the holster is worthless. Zack uses only top-quality leather, combined with his own innovative designs and excellent craftsmanship. I’ve never been one to carry a pistol in a pack and I don’t fish but thanks to Zack my SR22 is easily carried on my pants belt and concealed if I wish it so. I certainly don’t recommend the .22 as a self-defense round but for some folks for whom recoil is a real problem it may be the best solution. Ten rounds of hollowpoint .22s can be much more comforting and adequate than the alternative of carrying nothing but hope. Let’s take a closer look at the Ruger SR22. My FFL holder is Buckhorn Gun and when my SR22 arrived three of the fellows there who saw it immediately ordered their own. My local indoor range is Impact Arms. They received two last week and they were gone the same day. This is going to be a very popular .22 and huge seller for Ruger. There is no denying we are in a semi-automatic age and especially so when it comes to black, polymerframed pistols. The newer generation of shooters was not raised on Single 36 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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