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GUNS Magazine September 2012 Digital Edition - Page 12

STORY: Massad Ayoob Some think spare ammo is paranoid. This writer thinks it’s just good sense. eader Mike Wilson writes, “There are undoubtedly extraordinary situations like camping in the wilderness where someone might be attacked by bad guys and need an arsenal and special skills for defensive purposes. do “CiViLiaNs” Need sPare aMMo? R more about gunfight tactics such as movement and cover than ever before, making them harder to hit and thus demanding more shots to stop. And of course, predators have always run in packs. All these situations can leave a defender with an empty gun and an unresolved problem— and that’s assuming every bullet we fire goes where it’s aimed, which history teaches us is an optimistic assumption. Malfunction Junction The best of guns can jam. With “This letter is about civilians, not cocaine cowboys, gang-bangers, and auto pistols, the problem is often in military combat or law enforcement committed stalkers. By the time you the magazine, and even if it isn’t, a personnel, using a handgun for realize your shots to the chest are “double feed” can still compromise defensive purposes in their home or having no effect, a goodly amount of the magazine in the pistol. In either outside in an urban setting. your ammo supply may be gone. case, stripping out the bad magazine “I understand attacks are quick Certain recreational drugs, today and reloading with a fresh one is and will be concluded with few, if any, more than ever, give their users usually the best way to clear the shots fired by either side. stoppage and get back in “Accordingly, carrying the fight. Revolvers are not speed loaders or extra exempt from malfunction, magazines serves no practical either. A common cause purpose. What say you? of a locked-up revolver is “Is it really necessary a cartridge with a too-high to know how to reload a primer which prevents the handgun quickly?” cylinder from rotating and Editor Jeff John assigned therefore, the gun from me to answer. Let me start firing. The quickest fix? by saying I know how Mike Open the cylinder, eject the thinks, ’cause in my younger rounds, inject a speedloader, days, that’s how I thought. If and go back to work. I was on my own time instead Former national IDPA champ Tom Yost (above) tac-loads his S&W M&P Let’s say you’ve been of working for the police 9mm at Carolina Cup in 2010. Even this CZ75 9mm with its double-stack attacked in the woods by department, what were the mag (below) will quickly run dry when firing at five shots per second. man or beast, and it has chances I’d need more than taken several rounds for you the five .38 rounds in my to neutralize the dangerous S&W Chief Special, the six creature. You don’t know in my Colt Detective Special, how many others of its kind or the eight—count-themare out there, but you still eight!—big ol’ .45 rounds in want to get home in one my Government Model? piece… and the ammunition As life went on, and my supply in your gun is career found me researching depleted, or perhaps even gunfights, I started seeing the completely spent. I load my need for spare ammo. gun all the way up when I During that period soft carry it or set it in place for body armor came on the self-defense, and I suspect market, seized upon by the you do, too. To be able to bad guys almost as soon as it was by adrenaline-fueled super strength or do that now, in case there’s another the cops. Soon more criminals were imperviousness to pain that turns rabid animal/rabid human/rabid wearing “bulletproof vests” than in them into bullet sponges who can whatever out there, you’ll need spare the time of John Dillinger. Armor is soak up a lot of lead before they ammunition immediately at hand. popular today among armed robbers, go down. Today’s bad guys know While I’ve taken my share of 12 W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • S E P T E M B E R 2 0 1 2

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