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GUNS Magazine September 2011 Digital Edition - Page 14

• d A v E A N d E R S O N • They make a lot of work for the rest of us. he rifle and pistol club to which I belong has two great T shooting facilities. Outdoors we have a big range with several shooting bays, with shooting out to 700 yards. when winter comes and outdoor shooting becomes less fun, we have a superb, state-of-the-art indoor range. From my house I can be at either range in five minutes, without going through a single traffic light. A family membership is just $50 a year. You would think every member would appreciate such facilities and such an incredible bargain. Yet every year when spring comes and the snow melts, the outdoor range is an utter mess, with garbage everywhere and range property shot to pieces. And every spring the same small group of unpaid volunteers go to work cleaning up the mess, hauling away garbage, repairing and replacing damaged property. The outdoor range has several target stands on wheels. They can be easily moved to different distances and RANGE SLOBS put away after use. By simply stapling targets to the inexpensive, easily replaced particleboard, the stands should easily last two or three seasons. They don’t. People shoot them to pieces. They shoot the uprights, they shoot the wheels, they drive off and leave them broken on the range. Suppose you want to do the right thing, put empty cartridge boxes and used targets (or even some of the trash lying around) in a garbage can. Or just sit on a handy chair and chat, or watch your buddies shoot. Sorry, the garbage cans have been shot to pieces too. Not to mention the chairs. Fortunately the indoor range is always supervised, but I hate to think what would happen if it wasn’t. What is wrong with people? Do people really need to be told, “Don’t shoot the target stands to pieces. Don’t shoot up garbage cans and chairs. Clean up your own trash, and it won’t kill you Made by Carl Walther. HK is a licensed trademark of HK, Inc. .22 ca liber aUTHeNTic HK GOeS riMFire HK geometry. HK function. HK controls — all in affordable rimfire configurations. HK MP5 rimfires available through your local firearm dealer are utilized by law enforcement agencies as training tools to effectively let operators engage in intensive live fire drills without incurring excessive ammunition expense. Whether you’re a law enforcement professional, an HK enthusiast or simply a weekend plinker on a budget, Umarex USA has what you need. HK22RIMFIRE.COM ZEROED IN HK .22 Tactical Rimfires Marketed and Distributed by UMAREX USA.

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