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GUNS Magazine September 2011 Digital Edition - Page 68

JOHN CONNOR There’s a serious Console Gun Vault lurking under that pop can (above), and Safe Directions’ HSC (below) has a hidden safety feature. SAfETy & SECURITy how good is “good enough”? ust imagine a guy checking out a $29.95 fire J extinguisher for his home and asking the clerk, “Got something cheaper? Maybe one that doesn’t work so where they’re highly respected. Now they’re producing some of the highest quality, superbly made shooting glasses for recreational and tactical use. Especially if you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, you should check out models like their 3-lens Genetyk Shooting Kit. Their ImpactX Photochromic Clear (light-adjusting) semi-rigid lenses are outstanding and there are multiple options for glasses-wearers. In electronic hearing protection, Howard Leight Impact Sport Muffs offer great gunshot suppression, ambient sound amplification, comfort and ease of use equal to many others at far higher prices. For in-the-ear low-profile protection, check out EarPro Sonic Defenders by SureFire. Made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer and ergonomically shaped, they provide a secure fit, and all-day comfort. They retain your ability to hear most ambient sounds, but harmful noises above 85dB are reduced to safe levels via the patented Hocks Noise Braker filter. well? kinda dribbly? Not fully pressurized?” Or a pistol shooter on the range thinking, “i don’t need those expensive shooting glasses. i’ll just squint my eyes and make ’em smaller targets…” Or some dude who stores his long guns in a cardboard box and, as a theft deterrent, double-wraps the carton in duct tape. That’s not you, right? Well, safety and security doesn’t have to be unreasonably expensive; and as for “effective,” it just has to be good enough; appropriate for the situation. Here are some options to fire up your noodle—and a few you may not be familiar with. Champion Target announced across-the-board improvements in their Eyes and Ears shooting glasses and range muffs for 2011. Now all glasses feature over 99-percent UV protection, and meet or exceed ANSI Z-87 protection standards. Four of the new designs achieve MIL-PRF-31013, ballistic resistance, providing military-grade protection. Light, sleek and comfortable, they’re also bargainpriced. Sound suppression of their passive range muffs and plugs has been increased, and you can save even more by buying a matched “combo kit,” available in an array of colors and styles. Rudy Project USA made its bones in eye protection in worldclass skiing, hockey and race driving, The shooting safety combo (above) is by Champion Target, and Genetyk shooting glasses (below) is from Rudy Project USA. Mobile Security On the road, Console Gun Vault has several security options for you. One of them, shown above, is their Universal model for vehicles without center consoles, boats and RVs. Made of heavy-gauge lined steel with a barrel key lock, adding the optional “cloak” conceals it as a drink and 68 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • SEPTEMBER 2011

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