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GUNS Magazine September 2010 - Page 8

THe M&P15-22 S&W fields their own unique rimfire AR. mith & Wesson fans, you’re going to like the M&P15-22. Most S of us were caught off guard a few years ago when S&W stepped forward with their very own AR-15, the M&P15. It was the right product at the right time. Demand for ARs was insatiable, prices were at scalper levels, and the supply pipeline for factory-finished ARs had dried to a trickle. Smith &Wesson not only stepped resting in the rack. With the brilliance up to the plate in a timely fashion, of American industry, we now have but their product immediately earned dedicated rimfire ARs from Smith & them high marks for the fit, finish and Wesson, Colt and Ruger. accuracy built into the M&P15 line. Each maker has taken a different If you’re looking for a high-quality, tack to bring an AR rimfire on line. traditional AR, it’s hard to Colt licensed Carl Walther beat the quality and price in Germany to build allof the Smith & Wessons. metal versions of the AR. And then the .223 Ruger took the guts of ammunition supply dried their 10/22 and surrounded up, seemingly overnight. it with an AR wrapper. Whispers were it was Smith & Wesson went to conspiratorial, something the drawing board and like the earlier primer designed a rimfire AR that shortage. The fact was makes maximum use of the United States was The dual aperture, synthetics to capture the involved in two wars, and adjustable rear sight can overall design and essential the ammunition plants easily be removed and operating features of their were running 24/7 just replaced with optics. M&P15 centerfire rifles. to meet the needs of the The Smith & Wesson troops. Ammunition and rimfire line currently components are in short supply consists of four models. The basic anytime a war is being waged. differences among them are the There was no better time for AR degree to which they are compliant makers to develop a rimfire clone and with existing, ridiculous, state-byunderstudy for the centerfire ARs state regulations/restrictions. For Most of the uSA can get the M&P15-22 with a 25-round detachable magazine. A 10-round mag is available for states with “restrictions.” example, the S&W model that can be sold in Connecticut, Massachussets, Maryland, New Jersey and New York can’t have a 6-position, collapsing stock or a 25-round magazine. No, the stock has to be fixed and the magazine reduced to 10 rounds. The California “compliant” model can have a 6-position stock but only a 10-round Accurate and dependable, S&W’s M&P15-22 is a great rimfire understudy to the full-size .223 AR-15. “M&P” is a standard designation in S&W lines, standing for “Military & Police.” 8 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • SEPTEMBER 2010

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