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GUNS Magazine September 2010 - Page 67

Got guns? Now keep ’em! • JOHN CONNOR • Safety & SeCUrIty obody knows—not the ATF, the firearms industry, or even N Stinky Stan at Sam’s Shootin’ Irons on Three Mile Road—how many guns were bought, sold, bartered and gifted during the Great Firearms Frenzy following the November ’08 elections. Stan estimates the number as “in the bazillions,” which might be a little high, but still, if they were piled up, there would be smaller mountains in the Absaroka Range—and you folks got most of ’em! Now you better keep ’em safe, because The Feral Gummint ain’t the only threat to your continued possession. Herewith, some suggestions on how to stow, go and secure those precious popguns, including a few you might not already know about. They’re in no sensible order, because I don’t do “sensible order,” OK? Safe Direction’s High Security Case is a soft-sided, double-duty pistolpacker. It looks like an over-built “bank bag”; stronger, made with slashresistant Cordura Plus, and it includes the accidental discharge-defeating Ballistic Containment System built into one side. Whenever clearing your pistol, just place the HSC on a solid surface, rest the muzzle lightly on the Safe Direction emblem and proceed. A security-grade zipper and 7-pin tumbler lock keeps unauthorized people out, and a hefty brass grommet, secured with handcuffs or an optional cable and lock, keep it anchored down. I particularly like the fact it’s semiflexible, easily packed—and quiet. If you want a compact rigidcase, single-handgun transporter, try GunVault’s MicroVaults. These little gunsafes look like mini-laptops, and offer either fingerprint recognition or touch-code access. Life Jacket gunlocks provide excellent security, speedy lockup and access, and they can be either completely portable or bolted to almost any surface. With very little bulk, the design encloses the actions of your firearms in either steel or steelreinforced polycarbonate depending on model, and there are variants for handguns, pump and semi-auto shotguns, and ARs. They’re California DOJ and TSA approved, and a terrific bargain for the bucks. For permanent, quick-release locked mounting of shotguns on a wall or inside a closet, also check out Mossberg’s Loc-Box, which fits other makers’ scatterguns too. The handgun-sized LockSAF Biometric PBS-001 can be used in many places, but due to its recessed, spring-loaded flip-up top, it’s ideal for mounting inside a stout drawer. Twenty-two pounds of 9-gauge steel gives it great strength and fast GE T SOME! Only $21.99 each! with Free shipping (within the continental U.S.) American Handgunner USA Style #HGUS Tactical Division Style #HGTD Keeping The Peace Style #HGPC Shoot To Live Style #HGSH New Gear! New American Handgunner T-shirts. Only $21.99 with FREE shipping. or call (800) 628-9818 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM 67

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