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GUNS Magazine August 2012 Digital Edition - Page 64

“Gun Fit” STORY: Pat Covert If it fits, she has a better chance for more hits. More hits = More fun. Choosing the right gun and making sure it fits a lady is important. The dagger is one of the oldest blade forms, but Benchmade’s Greg Thompson-designed SOCP is thoroughly modern! Benchmade’s SOCP is an ancient design with a modern twist. Evil FingEr Shari can help. Shooting champion Shari LeGate provides all the information needed for any lady to get started in shotgun sports through her DVD, Women’s Guide To Shotgunning. T he dagger is one of the oldest knife forms in the history of the world, dating back to knapped flint versions before edged metal tools ever graced the planet. The Romans and Celts refined the genre and it retained its popularity right through WWII with the legendary Fairbairn Sykes dagger. It remains a popular choice for a combat blade today. GreG Thompson soCp Benchmade’s version of the ageold knife style, the SOCP Dagger, is as modern and innovative as it gets. The knife was designed by Greg Thompson, founder of the US Army’s Special Operations Combative Program (SOCP), a special operations program that focuses on advanced close quarters combat techniques. That ring at the top of the knife allows it to be used in a variety of grips and also helps to retain the knife during combat. At only 7.25" the SOCP Dagger is small, but in close quarters combat that’s all you need and, in fact, many modern combat trainers believe anything over 3.5" can be a hindrance. Knurled areas at the top of the ring and below the blade enhance the purchase of the knife. The 3.22" blade is partially ground 1.25" on both sides to keep the edge from cutting into the palm when using an overhand grip. Maker: BenchMade 300 Beavercreek rd. OregOn city, Or 97045 (800) 800-7427 www.gunsMagazine.cOM/BenchMade Blade steel: 440C stainless, Blade length: 3.22", Overall length: 7.25", Weight: 2.20 ounces, handle: Skeletonized, Carry: Injectionmolded synthetic sheath, PriCe: $90 (standard), $130 (with trainer) Order Today! (800) 628-9818 (M-F 8am-3pm PST) fmgvideo rice: Special P $24.95! 64 Only The knife’s versatile injection-molded sheath (complete with pocket clip and available in black or desert tan) can be worn around the neck, on the waistband or belt, and in the pocket or boot. In addition, a red trainer model is available for safe use during the educational process. The price is right. The knife and sheath go for $90 and you get the trainer included for $130, a small price to pay for this evil finger! W W W. G U N S M A G A Z I N E . C O M • A U G U S T 2 0 1 2

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