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GUNS Magazine August 2011 Digital Edition - Page 8

• h O L T B O d I N S O N • CZ’S UPLANd ULTrALIGhT A delight to carry afield. f you’re an upland game hunter, you’ll know the truth of I the comment, “You’ll be carrying your gun a lot more than you’ll be shooting it.” Gun weight matters, particularly when you might cover miles of cover during the day. Age, stature and physical conditioning count, too, when selecting an upland gun. So when a pleasantly light, stackbarrel, 12 gauge made its appearance at the recent SHOT Show, I just had to wring it out. I say there is no sense wearing yourself out by toting more gun than you need for the job. Meet CZUSA’s latest, the Upland Ultralight. The Upland Ultralight is a non-ejector (above), which saves hulls and eliminates trash in the field. The red, polymer front bead (below) is easily picked-up along the ventilated rib. To save weight, the rib between the barrels has been eliminated. Based in Kansas City, Remington derringer for Kan., CZ-USA was a neighboring doctor. formed in 1998 as the In return, he would exclusive US importer invite me from timefor Ceska Zbrojovka and to-time to go pheasant Brno products from the hunting with him, his Czech Republic. It is also wife and their two the holding company English setters. In those for the Dan Wesson days, I was shooting my revolver and pistol line. father’s 12-gauge Fox Today, CZ-USA imports Sterlingworth with 30" a line of shotguns from barrels bored modified/ the prominent Turkish full and stocked with a shotgun-manufacturing splinter forearm. The center, Huglu, which has Fox wasn’t exactly a been the source of every 6-pound English game quality of shotgun from gun, but I was young the finest-grade trap gun and strong, and I could to the least expensive A flushing quail would be hard get it on target in a repeater. Huglu makes pressed to fly through this microsecond. It was the Upland Ultralight pattern of 7-1/2s. The Xs mark his wife’s 20 gauge that to CZ’s specifications, spots with three or more pellets fascinated me. and the result is a nice- inside the clay. I had seen it once in handling field gun at a Stoeger’s wish book of most attractive price. a catalog. Advertised as the “World’s I vividly remember when I Lightest Automatic,” it was the saw my first “ultralight” shotgun. 5-pound, 2-ounce Franchi Hunter Then in my teens, I had restored a model and, as I recall, she had a heck of a time keeping it feeding, firing, ejecting and hitting something when we were afield. Yet, when she handed me that Franchi to try, and I felt that little feather of a gun in my hands, I would have traded off the Sterlingworth in a New York minute if it had been mine. When Jason Morton of CZ-USA told me he had a new 6-pound O/U, 12-gauge Upland Ultralight, I was intrigued. The Upland Ultralight is available with both 26" and 28" ventilated rib barrels and a full complement of screw-in choke tubes. I requested the 26" model The Upland Ultralight was really light, weighing only 5 pounds, 13 ounces, and is well proportioned with pleasing lines. The rakish forearm of the CZ is de rigueur these days. The pistol-grip stock enhances control of these ultralight shotguns. 8 WWW.GUNSMAGAZINE.COM • AUGUST 2011

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